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1. Denny - he was SOO annoying, ugly and boring. I was just sick with him in season 5 and it was horrible for me to see him again when I though the ridiculous storyline with the engagement was finally over (I mean seriously? They wanted to get married although they didn't really know each other at all? You don't decide to spend the rest of your life with someone based on beadside chats on your lunch break). And I hate his name. Hearing Izzie asking him to come to her so that Derek could "see" the tumor (Denny.... Denny... DENNY!!!) was painful to my ears!


2. Sadie - I don't know why this character was even on Grey's, she brought nothing to the show. She was so annoying I couldn't wait for her to leave.


3. Erika Hahn - rude, unpleasant, cruel to Cristina and awkward with Callie, who I love


4. Mark Sloane - there's something about this guy... I sometimes feel sorry for him because he's the "man whore" and nobody takes him seriously. He doesn't really have that respect that other attendings have, he's like a joke. And I hate his smile.


5. Season 5 Alex - Alex used to have a personality, he was sharp. Since he got back with Izzie he started to be so dull... He was cheated on with a ghost, Izzie was ignoring him and he was always like "what's wrong? are you alright? You seem distant". She didn't feel any guilt because of the cheating thing (I know Denny was an imagination, but to her he was real, and she wouldn't think a second before dumping Alex if only Denny was alive). He also became whiny and completely uninteresting.

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1. Rose

2. Hahn

3. Ava

4. Burke

5. Sadie

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I really don't like Lexie!

agree with you ,lovesgreys


CSI Miami dvd boxset is my favor I like it so much

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Thatcher Grey- Talk about the epitome of a dead beat dad. Sure, he was good to Lexie and Molly, but the episode where he slapped Meredith... yeah, that was the end of me sympathizing with him. He's an ass. Deserves to die in my humble opinion. Sadie- I really don't know what the point of her being on the show was. She did nothing but annoy me. She's crazy and she was an empty character. Hahn- She was just a bitch. She treated Christina like crap and even though Christina is an overachiever, she's one of the original characters and I'm always going to love her and be pissed when someone disrespects her. Lexi Grey- I'm sorry, she's not a bad character, but I really don't think she should have such a profound part in the show. She's not that important and she gets a lot of focus on her rather than on the important characters. I don't mind her, I just think that she should be less important to the plot. Callie- I liked her in the beggining, but once she started getting obsessed with George and treated him and his friends like crap, she was done in my book. Besides, I don't think she's really a lesbian. I think she is with girls to turn on Mark. As a gay rights activist, I think it's rediculous. Someone who is genuinely attracted to females would only be with females. If she were bisexual, that would be different. Anyways, she just annoys me.
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2. Sadie

3. The rest of those new interns - Mer/Christina/Alex/Izzie and George weren't THAT stupid :P

4. Thatcher

5. Rose.

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Rose- I hated her so much!! Coulnd't stand her ugly eyes and her big teeth. Horsey face haha. She was a big idiot, and a McRebound. Everyone knew that even Addison and Mark lol. Seriously she was a big joke to everybody. Even Addison, Derek 's wife of 11 yrs couldn't keep Meredith and Derek apart, and well she though that Derek would drive her off the sunset lol.. insaine bitch!! And she was all psycho to Derek when he broke up with her, she should have seen it coming!! They are freaking MerDer and no one keep them apart!

Hahn- She was so rude, and a big bitch!! I hated her.

Thatcher- I don't like nothing about him.. ughhh.

Ava- She was a pscyo!!

Arizona- She is so naive and childish!!

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1. George2. Rose3. Sadie4. Hahn5. Callie

All for different reasons. Glad that the majority of them are off the show. Callie is really the only one that I thought had a purpose on the show more or less so I can handle her but the others just frustrated me everytime they came on the screen.

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1. Alex


2. Lexie

3. Richard

4. Rose

5. Erica


I love George. He is the best!

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1. GEORGE - He was great, but he didn't have a good story line in the last 2 seasons, he was just George, there as a repeater... it was really boring to  watch him.

2. Izzie- She is too optimistic. Life isn't always bright and shiny.

3. Alex- He is such a jerk, and not for a good reason.

4. Eric- she was so rude an inconsiderate.

5. Rose - She really thought that she could keep MerDer appart? I knew they would be together from day one.

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1-Christina: She tries to suck up and get on other doctors services overly confident also mean to the interns

2-Erica: Way to serious needed to lighten up also very cocky and confident

3-Ava: She was stupid she cut herself and showed up at the hospital randomly requesting Alex

4- Meredith's father- Stupid for drinking and treating his daughter badly

5-Alex- He's mean and pushes others aside when they try and help seems pissed off most of the time

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