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1. Ava/Rebecca, because of her irritating voice, and the fact that she's so indiscreet and tells everyone's secrets that she overhears from her hospital room

2. Sydney Heron, because of her annoying cheerfulness (heal with love, seriously?!)

3. Erica Hahn, because of the way she treats Cristina and Callie, two of my favorite characters. The actress, Brooke Smith, seems likeable enough, though...I just watched The Namesake the other day, in which she plays a librarian, and I liked her in that

That's only three, but there isn't anyone else I dislike, other than some minor characters who guest-starred (like that surgeon who kept thinking the Nazi was a man, and was really rude to Bailey.)

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I really don't like Lexie, too

I hate him he is so ugly


CSI Miami dvd boxset is my favor I like it so much

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1. Ava

2. Hahn

3. Rose

4. Heron

5. Callie

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1. Ava

2. Lexie

3. Tatcher

4. Tucker

5. Izzie

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1. Rose

2. Callie

3. Arizona

4. Ava/Rebecca

5. Mark

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1/2. Erica/Callie - I have NO problem with gay people, but Callie just cannot be gay. It's too weird...She's all into men, then Erica Hawn, ERICA FREAKING HAWN, is the reason she starts switching teams? You have hot women running around you all the time (Izzie, Meredith, Christina, ect.) but pay no attention to them. But all of a sudden Erica Hawn comes to town and you have to have her! Erica Hawn is a joke. I have no idea why Shonda had to have Mark AND Callie crush on her. She's not even pretty. ( I just reread that & I have to say I was pretty harsh, but oh well :) )

3. Arizona - I just cannot stand her for one, putting doubts in Bailey's head, two, challenging the Chief to a Bailey battle, and three, dating Callie. She should just put on her rolley sneakers and roll off to Mercy West or somewhere.

4. Lexie - I haven't liked her since the moment she hit on Derek at Joes! Plus what was with her eating all the time when Mark and Derek were fighting? That was totally pointless and stupid. I found no humor in it, at all.


5. Rose - Obvious reasons!



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Ava just ewwwwburke you dont need to leave her beacuse she dosent want the same as himSadie shes just not in it wellmix between lexie and thater Hate both of them


CSI Miami dvd boxset is my favor I like it so much

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Well I love pretty much everyone but...

1 Tumor denny

2 Swender

3 Tucker

4 S4 Ava/Rebecca (she was good in s3)

5 Burke (arrogant, cocky and exactly like the actor that plays him)


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1. Rose because she went after Derek and when they broke up she did realy bitchy 

2. Erica Hahn - the way she talked to cristina and her actions

3. Ava she was anoying when she went crazy

4. Sadie - anoying also

5. Tucker because the whole pedriactric thing 

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Meredith Yang
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5 no strike tucker and fill in TUMOR DENNY,........... he was verrrrrrrrrry anoying

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