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I cried during the episode (not sure if it was Season 2 or 3) where the family is in a car accident, their pregnant daughter/wife is dying, and the med student wants to apologize. For some reason, when the dad goes in there and lays a hand on the kid's head, I just bawl my eyes out.

Of course, the season 2 finale killed me. I thought, "Izzie's going to get her happy ending." Obviously, I should have know Grey's would have to do something dramatic. I still cry when I see that scene.

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season 2 finale, like crazyyyyyyyyy. Saddest moment ever. When I see it I still cry.

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Season 2 finale. Wins hands down.

Another scene that gets me going (I cry easily!) is in some kind of miracle. Derek is in with Ellis.. the "You broke her. You called her ordinary scene". The way he goes out with Addison, and tells her Mer can swim "She's a good swimmer". Derek's face, and the way he breaks gets me every time.

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Denny died.

The drowning episode. I really felt for Cristina and especially Derek when he saved her, or when he was crying on the floor and when he yelled at Ellis.

Season 5 finale.

When there was Addek scenes in season 2, because he was supposed to be with Meredith.

Alex's vowes.


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Oh, and in season 4 when Derek tells that Mark that he slept with Rose and he was thinking of Meredith the whole time, I wanted to vomit and cry... really really cry at the same time!! I also wanted to close my eyes trying not to imagine it happening!!

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I never cry in real life, it's like something i just never do. I just started watchin greys anatomy this summer, and it was the first time i've cried so hard. My top 10 moments of tears are (not in any specific order)

10- When Derek hits the ring into the woods, i couldn't stop screaming at him and crying because to me, it seemed that he would never forgive himself for that.

9- The Scene where derek chooses addison, and all he has to say to Mer is "Yea... she's my wife, and then he goes into the elevator with bailey, and tries to hold it all in, but just can't.

8- The scene where Derek dies. That really got me going.

7- The scene when derek goes to merediths house and tells her he loves her.

6- The scene before christinas wedding where derek tells mer to 'put him out of his misery"

5- the scene where Derek pulls meredith out of the water

4- the scene where mer falls into the wather

3- the scene where der is crying in the hallway.

2- the Lexie-George scene where she says 'Screw you DOCTOR omalley.

1- When we find out Derek has a wife


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I agree with all those above but I cried the most at the end of Season 5 when we find out its George who got hit by the bus. think that was him laying there all that time without anyone knowing it was him.  What a way to end for the summer hiatus.  

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The scene with the girl Jessica, and her dad telling her about mexico made me cry like a baby. The EXACT moment when Meredith realizes what "007" means. The look on her Ellen Pompeo was amazing in that scene.

Izzie lying in bed with Denny in Losing My Religion of course made everyone cry.

When Bailey breaks down to the chief about how Tucker has no right to be scared.

Izzie's wedding(although most of my tears were from laughing about how Alex had Meredith be his best man)

When the Gay solider died. Maybe it got to me because I'm gay, I'm not sure, but wow. Just made me bawl.

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shonda is really good write hands down

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aww im getting teary-eyed just reading about the sad moments D:

im not sure what the saddest moments are for me.

sometimes, i cry and then when i re-watch it, i dont. so it all depends, really.

but the scene where meredith and derek are in the utility closet always makes me cry.

and his proposal. so sweet, i love it. :) happy tears for that one.

and when derek hits the ring into the woods, my eyes get teary at that. and when meredith comes out of williams execution and derek is there waiting for her. thats a great scene, very powerful.

and of course, whenever derek is sad, it breaks me. i cant stand to see him anything but happy, or else i feel extremely sad.

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