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INTO YOU LIKE A TRAIN - Derek had just delivered the message to Danny, fiance to Bonnie, victim of the train crash. Dr. Bailey and Derek are in the elevator and Derek can no loner hold back the emotions he is experiencing. Dr. Bailey pulls the elevator stop button to give him a moment to gather himself and he lets it flow. All she can do is stand there and let him experience it. A soft "ok". Quiet yet powerful.

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This past season had a lot of tear jerking moments....

When the patient Jeenifer died suddenly, leaving a devastated husband- who then accused Derek of being a murderer.

All of the Alex/Izzie scenes when they both are dealing with her illness. All of the scenes when Alex is venting out his frustrations to Meredith.

The last five minutes of the season finale.


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For me, the scene where Meredith comes out of William's execution and breaks down to Derek is a real tear jerker (and then he takes her to Cristina and they make up)

I think I cried through half of the later episodes of season 5.  They were very powerful. 


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Oh, and also the scenes after Meredith drowned.  With Derek pulling her out, and then the ones when he breaks down crying about her, and when they are all trying to work on Mer and about to give up and Cristina makes them do one more try, I love Mer and Cristina's connection. 

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I never cry over shows or movies (even as awesome as grey's!) but the only scene that I came close to crying over is Alex's vows to Izze OMG! (tears were definetly welling up though)

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Best tear jerker scene - Season 3 finale, Cristina breaks down in her apartment!

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My favorite one (and the one I think PD should get an emmy for) is when his mom visits.  At the end they are sitting outside the hospital talking about his father, he gets teary-eyed and lays his head on his mother's shoulder....OMG....for some reason that really got to me.  

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Oh, wannbemer, that is one of my favorites too.  I loved Tyne Daley and hope they bring her back again as Derek's mom.  I think we have very similar Grey's taste.  I just can't get enough of McDreamy, and with tears in his eyes, it melts me even more.

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wow, i have hundreds of best tear jerker scenes... 

One of them is when Denny died, and Izzie is lying in his hospital bed with him, and she is crying, and Alex tells her it´s not Denny anymore, and he wouldnt want to see her doing that, and he carries her out of the bedroom. I cried my eyes out. It was the first time I was sure of how much Alex loved Izzie, even when he was a jerk to her. It was the first glimpse of the 5th season Alex...

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 I cried in season 2 in, episode " Into You Like a Train" and the last minutes of the finale.

Another moment when I cried was when Derek pulled Meredith from the water and when they tried to save her. And you see Derek sitting on the floor outside crying. 

I cried through half of the later episodes of season 5. I cried my eyes out during this season.

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