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Aidens okay and he seems to care about emily...but I don't think I can trust him much. He kinda seems sketchy and I still don't get why he's getting daniel to go after nolan. Nothing beats nolan n emily's friendship on the show...okay maybe the crazy evilness that binds victoria and conrad. Those two are sickengly awesome together. Felt a little bad for daniel, coz he still seems to be in love with emily. Have never liked the porters, but I felt the scene between amanda n jack on the boat was sweet. Kara clarke disturbs me. Very intrigued that mason treadwell found out the switch...wondering what's going to happen to that? This show just keeps getting better... How do the writers do it?
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Aidens don't care about others,he only cares about Emily and honestly i feel protected for Emily for the first time cz i always thought though ofcourse she is Emily but coping with all those evils alone made me scared someone would hurt her badly but now that Aiden is there i fee like she is safe and someone has her back,yeah Nolan has her back too but Come On that's Nolan he can't so much other than hack into others systems.

I feel like Aiden could even hurt Nolan if it comes to that but i trust him when it comes to Emily.

I always had sympathy for Amanda cz she genuinly loves Jack and i would feel bad if Jack breaks up with her so now i'm kidna happy that they have a happy family.

Kara Clarke freaks me out i mean that woman married Gordon she can not be trusted.Dont even know what writers have in mind for her.

Don't even mention Daniel,he doesn't desreve Emily no more,he is not the nice guy he once used to be and besides i don't think their relationship could ever work out.There were too many secrets between them.

Mason is Meh no big threat to Emily.Emily is too clever.When an evil like Victoria couldn't with her than no one can.

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