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was it just me or were they hinting daniel and ashley for next season?

and fauxmanda needs to gtfo.

oh and nolan is basically the bestest friend ever.

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@jennifer...yes ashley n daniel will hook up for sure next season. However I think it ll be short lived. I'm sure victoria isn't dead. Madeline stowe was brilliant this episode n so was henry czenry. Iam wondering why didn't the WHM out emily to conrad.
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omg i had so many heart attacks during this episode

i felt so sorry for charlotte at the end - she had nobody to confide in and lost everything she loves :( though what she did to jamie (?) was totally unjustified.. but at least she felt remorse

omg fauxmanda is so annoying, even though i don't like jack/emily one bit

the only reason i like daniel more than jack right now is that he's much better to look at lol.

and i love victoria and conrad and their acting is superb and btw i think i had a revenge dream last night lmao

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Ya daniel is better looking than jack but daniel is becoming too much of an asshole to like anymore. On the other hand I can't really myself liking jack. Thankfully this show can be watched without shipping anybody. Nolan and emily friendship are my only ship on this show.
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Such a great finale! My poor revengy Emily, I felt so sad for her when she cried in front of Jack's bar and in her house. We see her crying so rarely that I almost started crying with her. I hate faux Amanda too, and I didn't like that writers made her pregnant, it is too soapy.

I like Emily way more with Jack, but I don't ship anyone, actually I ship Emily getting revenge on all those bastards.

I would like to see some more sister bonding in next season.

Ofc Victoria isn't dead, she's the main biatch. To me she is such a weird character, in a moment I can't help but feel sorry for her and in next one, I just want to bitchslap her.

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I know im late for this discussion but i have just finished Revenge. but i want to share my views.

And well like all others i couldn't help but gasp O M G ! !

I never really liked Daniel to be honest but niether did i like Jack but with time im starting to like Jack and Jack and Emily,i mean i dont ship them or anything like that but Jack and Emily is way better than Daniel and Emily.

And i was like WHAT Victoria is dead??NO fucking way.I couldn't accept it but reading your posts made me think that yeah she can't be dead,She is the BITCH of the show.Killing her would be like killing half of the show.She is such a srange woman i hate her for most of the part but i cant but to feel sorry fr her.

I hope Charllote is not dead too.I want to see her and Emily bonding.

And how can i forget my poor Emily:( Im so glad Nolan had the back up file or else everything Emily did would have gone for nothing.

And im sure the baby is not jack's or even if it is i hope it dies (dont judge me)

Excited to see who is Emily's mother.

In the end i can wait for the next season and thats what you call a FINALE!!


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Hey, Beez.


I don't ship anyone on this show except Emily/Nolan's friendship. And I agree, at this point Daniel is not likeable at all. But for some reason, I REALLY cannot stand Jack- he bores me to tears. Even then, I wouldn't wish Fauxmanda's baby on him!

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Lol...I too just can't jack though I don't like daniel too much ...but jack is still awfully boring to me
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I know Jack is boring but he is a really nice guy.He is not my favorite or anything but compare the two guys and i would go with jack.

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I like Daniel with Emily, but that relationship is always going to seem like a lie.
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