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I meant *the* and not *they. oopsies!

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Hold the phone here, SOMETHING has to be wrong-- the first spoiler about Dan's book says he portrays Blair negatively, and then the second spoiler says she's the only one he portrays positively.

In my opinion: It makes more sense if he portrayed her negatively that he wouldn't want to get the book published, because now he's friends with her and he probably felt bad about it. Vanessa is pissed about his new friendship with Blair and wants to ruin it, thus, publishes the book to make B look bad.

I mean, also, lets face it-- at the end of the day, the writers are going to put BC together and put DS together... but not until it's the end of the day.


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also the charlie thing is completley fake, when charlie first got to new york all that charlie says is that she is serenas cousin, its serena who recognizes her as charlie, and later when they are catching up, serena was like the last time i saw you was when i was six on klaus's boat and they talk about their experience,  do you really think that carol would be planning this for more that 12 years when she was already getting money from cece?Well, i think this whole Charlie thing is pathetic and gosh I REALLY hope it's not true, but tbh it doesn't seem that unrealistic if you think about it. Serena probably recognized Charlie because it's the ONLY cousin she's got? o.O and given Serena and the fact that they haven't met in a long time, unless Serena had asked for an id, i think she would believe in any blond identifying herself as a cousin. and as for the experiencies, Carol must have filled "the actress" in. 

The problem I see is Cece... wasn't she able to recognize her own granddaughter? Or was it that she haven't seen Charlie in a long time as well?

Anyways, as stupid as it all sounds, it's kinda thing we can expect for gg writers.. so i wouldn't discard that quickly :P 

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^^^ sorry but im pretty sure that serena would know that charlie was a different girl, so would lily, and cece, if they were just friends that they haven't seen in 12 years than maybe, JUST maybe it could pass, but they are family, you don't forget your family no matter how long ago you saw them. 

also she spoke to carol this week in private, no one heard her, and was defending her taking out her trust fund money as carol was probably telling her not to. it seems to me like whoever made this up barely even watches the show 

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I think people bring up lots of good points against the spoilers but in GG land they can be explained away pretty easily. Charlie talking to her mom about her trust fund.. it might've just been that they were arguing about why she's actually using money that's not hers?

I think it's likely that some of the spoilers are true but not all. With working scripts things often change from the script to the actual show after editing. The script could've been written before they shot other scenes we've already seen in earlier episodes. There were other spoilers about a fire and kidnapping and Chuck's hotel. They didn't turn out to be true completely, circumstances were different but certain plot elements really are happening.

I'm really hoping that Blair and Chuck do not sleep together but since the writers didn't realize how people would react to Chuck's rage I won't be surprised if it happens. Boooo.

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I don't know most of the times when we think is crazy, then becomes true, so....... It sounds like s5 is going to be caos , and Charlie and carol could so do this , is been years since someone saw the real Charlie and after all those years she could have change so much that this girl can pretend been her and everyone believe her , but this is too elaborate for just money or carol is really poor and desperate to do so much.
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Charlie being insane to get the money: They want establish she's crazy to justify a suicide? She gets her trust fund and then goes crazy so she kills herself. Faked death, and then guess who gets the money? Her fake mom and Charlie gets paid for her efforts.

Fake Charlie sounds farfetched to me but I would like if it was real. Though an insider antagonist is much better than an outsider antagonist. The trust fund kids dont really take you seriously if you're poor. That's why Georgina is so great, she's one of them.

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OH MY GOD.......... I just realized something.

Blair says goodbye to Chuck this episode (or he says Goodbye to her, whichever way you want to put it).

And the episode is called... wait for it... "the WRONG GOODBYE". WHAAAAAAAT? 

*lightbulb* lol

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There are seriously so many spoiler's. If this one is true it must mean that Russel doesn't set the place on fire and Raina doesn't die cause I couldn't see Nate and Chuck going on a trip while Chuck is being accused of arson and I don't see Nate wanting to go on a trip after Raina dies. Who knows...5 days till we find out! :P

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I think from many past experiences with season finale's and how they end up going, that likely only one bit -- or none at all -- is true. I would like to believe that some of those things happen, but they most likely don't.

I agree with a lot of people. There's a lot of proof against Charlie not being Carol's daughter -- seeing that @hannahxo(pauper) brought up the intelligent point that Charlie and Serena talked about their past together, and if "Charlie" was an actress, she would not know that much about the history. I honestly believe Charlie has a mental disorder, not bipolar, but something where you end up trying the become someone you want to be. I can't remember what it's called, but I do know it exists.

As for Chuck and Blair, they are most likely done. And also Blair is probably also done with Louis (sadly). Eleanor (in the promo) asks for Chuck to just "let her go," the her being Blair. I don't know about those chair scenes (it may have been a fake photo (like the one with Nate and Blair kissing from S. 2 finale)), or it may have been them finally getting together again. I think at the moment it's up in the air what's gonna become of Blair's two leading men (all spoilers aside). I think the writers will do what they know best -- which is Blair being single in time for summer (S. 2, they went insane and had her happy, imagine that!). A Blair shipper can only dream for her happiness.

Okay, Dan Humphrey writing a book called Insider, I could can get really down on that. That would be pretty damn awesome. And suddenly I'd be really looking forward to season five (though we know the story line would sizzle in three episodes). I wouldn't be so surprised if this was true. I think the way he kept bringing up the word "insider," especially in the last episode (he remarks to Charlie a few times how he is an insider now blahblahblah (I really wanted my Blair footage)), shows maybe this could be real, or maybe I'm just really into this idea (PLEASE BE READING MY POST GG WRITERS!). Plus (sorry I can't remember who I originally read this from) someone said that Dan has in the past few seasons been a willing minion for Blair (or maybe I've also really liked Dair as an outlet for my Chair disapointments).

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