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I'm really sick and bored of seeing Nate in predictable relationships with random guest stars. Just give us NJ.


is it true nate gets raina pregnant:S

Word??!! Where did you get that? lol

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I know they're trying to make raina out to be this independent woman, female version of chuck but having a man in a towel waiting in her room while kissing another eff buddy in the doorway made me feel uneasy. Can she just leave now please thank you
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oh my shit.

bitch is lucky.

she got to praised to lord everyday of her life for having a chance to kiss Chace Crawford Nate Archibald. God bless you & I damn you, young lady.

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I'm so bored in this couple/GG. I don't even look at them in the picture, I look at the guy in the left.

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I kind of liked Chuck and Raina. Plus this ruins any chance of NB this season....



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they seriously need to stop bringing in so many guests stars and if they're going to do so they need to stop being love interests for chuck and nate. but most importantly guest stars shouldn't be staying an entire season or for half of it.  nobody cares about them or even enjoys their sl all that much since every single sl in the damn show is just recycled now.

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@Blairarchibald how do u like chuck and raina when u hate chuck?or what u really like is that chuck is with raina so u can have your nair?
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