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It also ruins the interest of the viewers since we know the guests are here for a limited time and nothing serious can happen with them

This forever.

You can´t really get interested in them since you know that sl is dead from it´s start. I hate that.

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Nate, learn to keep it in your pants.

I'm sure you have several diseases down there by now.

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Aww. I think they look quite precious!

We havent even seen them together. so i dont see how you can say they suck.

Ita. We don't even know her character yet. And since she is Chuck's double she may show Nate the light of his feelings for Chuck, his true love.

So over these guest stars! The writers need to concentrate on writing the main characters better instead of throwing these contrived "love interests" around.

I don't mind if they are as entertaining as Juliet. I want some fresh blood for our cast. I'm soo over this castOrgie. Besides, they've come full circle now. Let's get over with this.

I will enjoy Blair and Louis very VERY much so why not them!


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Interesting. I always enjoy new relationships. Maybe, Nate'll lose his typical expression of natefusion...not.

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This is why they should have made Georgina and Carter regulars in Season 3.

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^^I totally agree
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omg he has seriously slept with everyone or at least kissed everyone..  jenny. vanessa, serena and blair, duchess, raina, juliet, girl from college, bree buckley any more? lol

but dans just as bad and sooo is serena

i think blair other than jenny is only one whose not slept around as much lol xx

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Nate isn't becoming irrelevant, he's continuing to be.

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Nate, learn to keep it in your pants.

I'm sure you have several diseases down there by now.

Probably caught most of them from Serena, just saying . . .

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