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^^Juliette, Leighton is an actress, under contract, and her job is to do what is on the script. The actors dont have a say on what goes on in the writing. I really do not understand why you are mad at Leighton.

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Lol gossip girl needs new writers. I want a big news article that the writing team got a gigantic reboot, then and only then will I support Chair knowing that it's literally a do over cuz what I witnessed, was abuse lol and you can't turn back and just forgive that.

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thl_12 is your picture from Country Strong? with Leighton and Garrett?? if so I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!

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whats sad about all of you guys is that you dont seem to see the characters of gossip girl as real people!

when u see blair having chemistry with dan-BAM-lets make dair happen

when u see blair looking happy with louis-BAM-blouis is awesome

when u see chuck and blair having a sweet moment-BAM-chair is so endgame

but the moment you see chuck and blair going through a rough phase, chuck is bastard and a rapist and blair is a poor innocent doe.right?

i think you guys should realise that chuck as a teenage guy going through a shitty phase-his dad is a liar,everyone seems to be interested in ruining his life,betraying him or abandoning him(his father,uncle,mother).these issues are huge.What do you expect a 20 year old guy to do..face this calmly?he is going through a rough patch, and the one person he truly wants by his side is blair?(because he knows that he was the happiest when she was with him.she is the one for him-even if that may not be the case for her).and when he finds out the one person he loves and trusts and lives for is going to get engaged to someone else on the same day that he planned to propose to her, he is out of control with emotions.leading him to channel it in the only way he thinks-self destruction.He punches the glass.He never intended her to get hurt in the process...And though i dont approve of him forcing himself on her, i truly believe that he didnt think he ws forcing her.he thought that she came for him.and he assumes that blair is his and only his(cant blame him for thinking blair doesnt still have feelings for him-she always does!)

and one thing is for sure...BLAIR WAS NOT AFRAID OF HIM!that is why even when he pushes her on the couch, she stops him and tells him firmly "chuck stop it!!its over!"

and even when he punches the window and she gets hurt, she pushes chuck in this way that clearly indicates she is sick of trying to make him understand that he is just ruining his life..Not that she is scared..else she would shudder and run.instead she hits him on his chest firmly and runs off, feeling bad for herself and him!


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nancy arlington
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i dont support what the writers are doing to this show though..they keep testing the audience as to how much more we will forgive chuck.at this point i dont blame others for hating him, i hated him for doing that to blair too.But i understood where that came from, and iam sure thhat he didnt intend to hurt blair(thats why when she asks him to stop it, he stops.If he didnt, then i would be sure he was forcing himself on her).He was just too drunk and sad to be in control of himself.and iam sure that in the light of the day, he will realise his mistake and get some perspective.I think he should be happy with blair's decision to marry louis if thats what it takes to keep her happy.He should be a man and step aside.And then iam sure if he really changes , he may have a chance with her.i think the writers should do that.Getting blair and chuck together by the season finale would be pointless, unless they explore the issues given above next season.

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TV reviewers have shitted over Safran for this statement.

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I just read the new interview by Safran where he says: Chuck Bass has never hurt Blair and never would. He goes on to say: Blair is not afraid in those scenes for herself but for him. Now this is something I truely expected from GG writers and I am writing this, irrespective of all shipping. I started to see GG from episode 1 and found it interesting. It only became addictive post Victor Victrola- Chair made GG addictive for me. While all other ships played round the mulberry bush Chair provided a decent storyline to come back to and enjoy time and again. They were different, they were unconventional and they were fun. They were the life of GG for some time. Some people went up to calling Chair one of the most epic couples in tv history. I saw some survey where it came up with the likes of Ross and Rachel and stuff! Now with such an amazing couple on hand what do GG writers do- THEY FUCK THEM UP! First the IP which no decent couple can ever overcome- They lost half of Chair fans then and there. No guy trades his girl for a hotel if he loves her -It was impossible to overcome such a fucked up SL. And instead of making Chuck work his issues up how is IP dealt with? With everyone miraculously knowing about it and being okay with it and not even providing a decent apology from Chuck! They began season 4, in my opinion, to drown the sinking ship that is called Chair. The only scene that did justice to the epic couple was the train station scene. Post that everything was screwed up- Instead of showing how Chair build up a friendship on the fragile remains of their feelings they made Chuck rub Eva all over B's face, made them do a meaningless war, have meaningless sex and then suddenly run back to the three words eight letters. The bringing of Raina and making Chuck call sacred was only a build up to breaking this ship and yesterday finally was the death of the epic ship called Chair. My opinion is that the GG writers wanted to break free of Chair and make new SLs. And they succeeded. Chair lost its remaining fans last episode unless they are Chuck stans. Now that they achieved what they wanted GG writers are backing up- because they know that there is a strong percentage of viewers that watch GG only for Chair. I used to be one of them. And now they are throwing BS at the audience saying Chuck was not abusive last night. Does anyone know what abuse means? Chuck was abusive in every way last episode and no matter how many times Safrans screams that Chuck is not abusive it wont change what we saw.So just like GG writers ignored IP and made it a standing joke they will ignore the abusive Chuck and make Chair a standing joke of a couple.If now Blair runs back to Chuck I will always feel digusted by the couple. My advice to GG team: If you cannot let go of Chair because you think that they are you USP or whatever you shouldnt have fucked them up. Either dare to move away from them or fix them properly. Making C abuse B and then screaming in an interview thats its not abuse is not gonna help
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I may have overreacted...But I still think Leighton should say something about what she thinks of the storyline.... Also, I do agree that some of the people on this forum will fall for a couple just like that. The prince just came in the story and people are already falling for him...

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This is shit coming out of JS mouth. He really says Chuck didn't hurt Blair ?? Really she wasn't bleeding in last episode and totally frightened. 

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I love that they mention Rhett Butler in this interview. Chuck's behavior, although out of line, is extermely similar to Rhett's in the infamous staircase scene from Gone With the Wind. Rhett, just like Chuck, is extermely drunk and feels that he is losing the only person he has ever loved. He even forces Scarlett to sit down and when she walks away form him, he grabs her and kisses her and then carries her upstairs where it is know that he makes love to her. And thenthe next morning Scarlett ends up being so happy about it that she is singing. Not to mention the fact that in a previous scene he actually kicks the door of her bedrrom in, breaking the lock. They are both just men acting out of line, but would never really do anything to hurt the one's they love. It wasn't like Chuck stood there and thought, "Hmmmm.... if I punch out this window to get out my anger, Blair is going to get a small cut on her face. Lets do that." No. He wasn't thinking at all. That is the point. When you are drunk you dont think very clearly and it is also a whole lot harder to judge how rough you are with someone or even with yourself because you're completely numb. I think that just like Scarlett, Blair wasn't afraid of Chuck.

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