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Santana has made it to top of my list

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I'd rather be sailing
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Will Rachel Kurt Puck Emma Mercedes Finn Brittany Artie Quinn

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I'd rather be sailing
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1 Will 2 Rachel 3 Kurt 4 Puck 5 Emma 6 Mercedes 7 Finn 8 Brittany 9 Artie 10 Quinn

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I'd rather be sailing
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(...Sorry for the duplicate posting.  The first one didn't appear to show up to start with...  Is there a way to delete duplicate posts?  Thanks!)

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1. MY ONE AND ONLY.... BRITTANY S. PIERCE! I never knew that quite a lot people like her. I love her, she's so beautiful and when she's on, I keep on repeating the scene over and over again cause I can't get enough of her. Thank God many people are noticing it too :)

2. Quinn Fabray, she's beautiful!

3. Kurt Hummel, cause despite the fact that he's gay, he's super charming and hot.

4. Finn Hudson, he's like so manly and honest. I love that kind of guy :)

5. Noah Puckerman, he rocks out my world with his pure loveliness, even though we barely see it.... lol

6. Sue Sylvester, I love the way she loves her sister, Jean. she makes me a lot too with her spicy comments towards Will (esp about his hair)

7. Santana Lopez, cause I really appreciate how she confess and express her feelings to Brittany.

8. Rachel Berry, well I kinda like her for being funny, she has amazing voice too, but I don't like her for stealing away Finn from Quinn cause I love the idea of them together. They're like.... match each other. Idk, more people like Rachel to be with Finn and Sam to be with Quinn, but for me, Quinn ad Finn is forever <3

9. Mercedes Jones, for being hilarious. Her accent totally cracks me up lmaooooo

10. I don't have any other favorite but i think it's going to be...... Blaine? Idk, he's cute though. But for me he's not that special.


for some reasons, I don't really like Will cause he's.... idk.

and Sam, for taking away my precious Quinn from my precious Finn (lmao just kidding, but really, though) but I gotta admit he's like super cute!

and Artie........ he's fine or what so ever but I'm not gonna forgive him for calling my Brittany stupid (though I know it's just a movie lol) but Artie's fine on real life :) + Brittany belongs to Santana

and Mike Chang. that's all!

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1. Finn  Kind hearted, gentle soul, loving and giving, biggest heart to easily forgive, leader and mentor, loves Rachel.  One can see by all his actions how much he loves her.  He gets her, understands her and accepts her with all the good sweetness he can muster.

2. Rachel Beautiful, very forgiving, talented beyond measure, with Finn and Kurt's help and belief in her she has opened up to let others in to let them see and know the real Rachel, loves Finn.  She accepts him, his mannerisms  and his cluelessness without judgement and never makes fun of him to his face or publically- a far cry from Quinn. 

3. Kurt flamboyant, charming, loving, giving best friend or brother one could have, loves Blaine.

4. Puck even though he shelters his charm, wit, sweetness with crude, vulgar obnoxious behavior he is a sweet, kind, giving, loving, soupy sap for any girl if they look hard enough. Love him.

5. Santana when she lets herself be whom she really is she is awesome, talented, beautiful, loves Brittany.

6. Beiste Vulnerable, gentle, kind, forgiving, deserving of all good things that should come her way, best coach ever.

7. Tina Loyal friend and girlfriend, talented, good as gold.

8. Sam Handsome, charming, talented and a good friend to forgive and be there for Quinn when she had been a truely rotten girlfriend who used him and did not appreciate him.

9. Will talented, teacher and mentor to the club who loves Emma.

10. Emma who is kooky eccentric sweet oddball who would do anything good and kind for anyone.

Artie was up there once but this season he is not a favorite as written now.  My least favorites are Sue and Quinn.  However, Quinn has shown some niceness beginning in Hold on to Sixteen and Xmas episodes but she has a way to go.


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Rachel I love everything about her. Finn     Lovable sweet.  Love Finn and Rachel together FTW Kurt     Adorable s1, changed s2 deep and emotional, s3 lovable Santana  Love everything about her, just wish she was less mean and show her awesomeness. Puck    Love his individuality, lovable beneath his harsh exterior. Sam     Gentle, sincere, kind, handsome. Mike     Sweet, loving, giving, great to Tina, awesome dancer, sings good too. Tina     Love her gentleness, loyal, great to Mike, good friend. Will     Always there for the club, loves Emma. Emma  Sweet, loving, giving,loyal to Will and Glee. Mercedes  S1 she was 1 of my three favs(Rachel, Kurt,Mercedes) but she changed especially s3.  Not a fav of mine now.  Always love her voice. Sue     Loved everything about her s1, s2 she was too violent and bizarre, s3 she was hysterical in the xmas episode. Blaine  Love his voice,  he is good to Kurt but too good to be true IMO. Brittany  Too much child mentality s3 for me, loved her s1 and s2.
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1. Rachel Berry

2. Finn Hudson

3. Mike Chang

4. Kurt Hummel

5. Sue Sylvester

6. Santana Lopez

7. Brittany Pierce

8. Emma Pilsburry

9. Terri Schuester

10. Dave Karofsky

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1. Quinn

2. Blaine

3. Brittany/Emma

4. Finn/Mr. Schue

5. Rachel

6. Santana

7. Puck

8. Kurt 

9. Mike


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Glee/Grey's Anatomy Lover!
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Kurt Hummel Santana Lopez Sue Sylvester Blaine Anderson Emma Pillsbury Tina Coen-Chang Brittany Pierce Rachel Berry Mercedes Jones Holly Holiday
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