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Quick, Quick, Quick.

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ofcourse ST. BERRY.

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I will always have a soft spot for St.Berry, and with Jesse's return in the near future, I think that it will be revisited, at least from the perspective of "Finn isnt a long term love, youre going off to be a star and hes a lima-loser, you need to be with someone whose star is going to shine as bright as yours." angle. I think this is especially likely considering that the writers have said that Finns lack of future plans was going to be a central conflict for the couple.


That being said.

I love finchel. My all time favorite episode was 'Hello', when Finn FINALLY (finally) realized that he needed to fight for rachel and he sang 'Jesse's girl'.  Seasons later, I still believe in them.


I dont understand how anyone can ship Finn/Quinn. Yes, their names ryhme, but COME ON. Finn is just to dense and Quinn is just to evil.

I think that Quinn should end up single. Its like Puck said, she needs to work on her self. If and when she reaches a point where shes not grade A psycotic, I think that Quick could be revisited. Just not right away.

As for Puck, at least for now I ship Buck (Beth and Puck). I want to see him step back and focus on whats important; maintaining his place in his daughters life.

Besides that, I have to say Im excited to see what they do with Samcedes, now that this ship is getting a really chance.

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My favorite couple overall at the moment is Samcedes. They are such an unorthodox, unexpected couple...I mean prior to the Prom episode they hardly even shared a scene together but I LOVE them. They make me smile and I genuinely like both characters on their own.


I'm a Puckleberry shipper moreso. I just think they kind of fit each other perfectly. They balance each other out and they seem to really care about each other, even as friends.


I wouldn't ship Quinn with anyone. No one deserves that sort of punishment. She's just mean. I mean she and Santana are the resident bitches but at least Santana is vulnerable and sweet with Brittany. Quinn can't even allow herself to be vulnerable in a relationship with anyone. Ugh.

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I don't understand why Quick isn't together, they are so cute and now that Quinn isn't psycho anymore and Puck stopped screwing around with teachers, they can be together. Just in time for Christmas!!!!!

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Am I the only one, loving finn & quinn? :D


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St. Berry- Loved them! Lol

Puckleberry- These two together... I actually liked them, they were cute together

Finchel- Good chemistry. Love them!

Tike- Love them! They are so cute!

Klaine- <33 Love Darren Criss, so of course I love them

Quam-  I loved them together!  I thought they were adorable.

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Finchel OTP all the way. Forever.

Samcedes noe for sure.

Tike the best couple.


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I love Finnchel and Quick.

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Finnchel or St.Berry?!

I hated it when Finn started to think he loved Quinn more then Rachel so i then decided i liked St.Berry more,

but in series 2 prom when Finn wanted to kick Jesse's ass, It made me choose Finnchel :D

Fin is so hot<3

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