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If Klaine doesn't happen I will right an angry letter to Ryan Murphy...with a bomb in it.

So, just think about it.

And for some people (as myself) it is important the characters relationships in our favorite shows. I live for this. I live for my favorite characters. And no need to feel sorry for me, 'cause I'm so haaapy being this way.




Blaine & Kurt forever <3

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The whole Kurt/Sam thing will never work. I mean, come on! We all love Klaine, it's awesome and amazing and beautiful and we have waited for that kiss ever since we saw Blaine for first time, heck, even before he started on the show! That Kurt/Sam thing is a no go for me (:

Am I the only one who never saw chemistry between Kurt and Sam? Of course, I was so happy at that time when it was decided that Sam was going to be Kurt's boyfriend, but Blaine is so much better for him...

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Yup. there was never any anything between Sam and Kurt. P.S. Sam is straight! Blaine is the only one who is good for Kurt, and he is not just good for Kurt, he is absolutely freaking amzingly perfect for him. Klaine is endgame!

Klaine is love, and Klaine is forever!

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Teresa Peris Vilalta
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ok please tell me that all about kurt/sam isn't true, because it really sucks, now that he has BLAINE I'M sure he wont' do anything to brake up with him, they are so in love....and the whole thing about Artie and Puck, not cool at all, so I hope writers know how to role this thing, because the latests episodes were great, please don't scure this up:)

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some of this is true

but some of it is fake as well


Kurt will now have a crush on Sam

this had better be true

it's kumming

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NO Klaine is epic! Klain needs to stay! If they want to put Sam with someone put him back with Quinn. Barbie and Ken FTW!

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What? Blaine will be joining Kurt? NO! NO! Get rid of Blaine already! I mean, there is a lot of Kurt + Blaine fans out there, but I'm sorry. This can't happen!

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Gleeks!!!! i found out the spoilers 2x17 and 2x18 <born this way> you can read this information too

here is the link


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have you already seen this?


it is amazing!

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I am outraged!

I was so happy at the start when I heard about Kurt getting a boyfriend. And fior the last few episodes we waited for Kurt and Blaine to get together. 

And now him having a crush on Sam. Makes me not want to watch the show!

I find this insulting.

I'm sure all Chris Colfer/Darren Criss fans will agree when I say.

They've gone too far.

We LOVE the Klaine relationship.

And don't want it to change!

I wiil not watch glee if the kurt/sam thing i true.


Thanks alot.

You've ruined my favourite show!

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