Kevin Williamson

This might sound a little stupid, but I'm really confused about whether Kevin Williamson is remaining on the Vamprie Diaries or jumping ship to work on the Secret Circle?

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Forwood Appreciation Thread

Any good Forwood Fanfics out there? 

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Nair Thread.

Remember when there was even a glimmer of hope for the slightest chance that Blair and Nate would happen?

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Wait, so people HATE Stefan because...

Omg. This thread. I am speechless. This is exactly how I've been feeling lately.

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the way elena looked at the damon :(

Maybe because Damon walked around to the side while everyone was behind Elena when she lay the flowers...

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'I know I don't deserve your forgiveness but I need it."

I really need to make up my mind whether I'm DE or SE. The scenes are so compelling it could make any DE shipper SE or vise versa. Damn you writers and actors for being so good.

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Just sayin'...

Elena should just have both Salvatore brothers. Problem solved.

Just putting it out there. I know you're all thinking it :P

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Room for Meredith?

I can't imagine getting new series regulars since the show and the characters are so well established even though it's only in its second season.

I like my TVD family that way it is :P

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What do you think the cure will be for a werewolf bite?

We all know Damon IS going to survive. The writers will make some sort of loophole, but it'll be a cliffhanger into season three.

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Katherine cares about Damon

Deep down, Katherine is just as confused as Elena with her feelings for the Salvatore brothers.

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