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Brother's Keeper

You guys are right I though Claire was going to warned Tracy about Samuel, No instead she send her right to him, May be this season will have a S1 type of finale with all the Heroes together, in that case Tracy and Hiro are already there to the the party...for the big Samuel shut-down.

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Brother's Keeper


I loved this episode, Tracy and Claire together was a good match especially with the clothe they were wearing NICE! They should make scenes like that more often. Peter and Nathan together was also a good choice I love to see them together I feel bad that Nathan is dead.  I can’t believe he is gone for good but he had it coming, he really messed up when he try to round them all up including his own brother back in S3.  Anyhow I feel like “Heroes” finally has a purpose to be watched for. Now we know Samuel Plans well not all of it but we get the picture, Peter knows about Nathan that was easy I thought it was going to be more dramatic.  The Haitian is back on the show I know it’s only been for few seconds here and there but it’s something I want more Haitian!  What happen to Sylar? I don’t know he can be on Nathans body, or is he still on Matt’s head that something I am looking forward to see. 

Hero and Mohinder scene was great it was kind of predictable but good I don’t mind so much that Mohinder is alive, I look at this way Mohinder might be the one that inform some of the Heroes about Samuel if he ever get out of that box. Does this mean Hero is going to die? Now that Peter doesn’t have the healing powers anymore and that kid where he got it from is dead? Or may be Claire blood can help?

Over all I enjoy this episode and I am looking forward to the next one…..I hope the shows get better with ratings I really don’t want the show to get cancel.  So let cross our fingers!!!

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Logan a vampire


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It's Once Upon A Time In Texas Chapter Seven or Eight?

Season 4, Episode 9 – Airs: 11/9/2009 Shadowboxing

Claire tries to determine who is responsible for the attacks on Gretchen and Annie. Sylar maintains his control of Matt, and Pete uses his newly gained ability to help Emma.

Episode Overview Read Reviews   8.9 Great 196 Votes Episode Clip Play Season 4, Episode 8 – Aired: 11/2/2009 Once Upon A Time In Texas

A trip into the past may give Hiro another chance to save the love of his life.

Watch Clip Episode Overview Read Reviews   8.6 Great 250 Votes Season 4, Episode 7 – Aired: 10/26/2009 Strange Attractors

Sylar continues to torment Matt. HRG and Tracy help a young boy who has suffered many hardships in his life. Claire and Gretchen have a problem with their new sorority sisters hazing them.

Episode Overview Read Reviews   8.8 Great 288 Votes Season 4, Episode 6 – Aired: 10/19/2009 Tabula Rasa

Sylar starts to find his true identity. Peter and HRG go on a quest to find someone that can save Hiro.

Episode Overview Read Reviews   8.7 Great 352 Votes Season 4, Episode 5 – Aired: 10/12/2009 Hysterical Blindness

Lydia cautions Samuel against bringing in new members to their clan. Peter tries to connect with Emma, who wants nothing to do with him, and Sylar struggles to find the person he once was.

Episode Overview Read Reviews   8.2 Great 334 Votes Season 4, Episode 4 – Aired: 10/5/2009 Acceptance

Hiro's health continues to deteriorate as he goes on a mission to prevent a coworker from committing suicide. Ando finally convinces Hiro to tell his sister that he's fatally ill. Meanwhile, Tracy continues to struggle to find a purpose in life and to learn to control her powers. She returns to her old job as a political adviser, but leaves when she remembers how demeaning the job could be. Nathan-Sylar is also on a path of self-discovery, as his mother, Angela, helps him regain memories.

Episode Overview Read Reviews   8.7 Great 354 Votes Season 4, Episode 3 – Aired: 9/28/2009 Ink

Peter must face the consequences of his actions and also meets a new female hero. Claire deals with others knowing about her ability. Samuel fights to find his brother Joseph's memories. When Sylar returns, Matt must struggle with his own inner demons.

Episode Overview Read Reviews   8.5 Great 384 Votes Season 4, Episode 2 – Aired: 9/21/2009 Jump, Push, Fall

Claire discovers her roommate has been killed. HRG asks Peter to help him and ends up in a difficult situation. Hiro tries to undo his wrongdoing from the past and Matt finally decides to use his powers again.

Episode Overview Read Reviews Season 4, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/21/2009 (Volume 5: Redemption) Orientation

Our heroes are trying to find ways to cope with recent events. Some (Claire, Matt) trying to find normality and others (Hiro, Ando, Peter) trying to use their abilities to do good. Angela worries about Sylar, and a new threat arrives in the form of a mysterious carnival.

Episode Overview Read Reviews
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It's Once Upon A Time In Texas Chapter Seven or Eight?


I always keep up with the Heroes Episode guide @ and I noticed that “Once Upon A Time In Texas is supposed to be Episode Eight but on the actual Episode it said “Chapter Seven” are the writer this high and drunk that they f*k up with that too?


Check it out and let me know I could be wrong….


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I want to watch Once upon a time in Texas again already!

I dint like it as much as you did, I think HRG and his Partner  got way to much screen time. they could have intruduce more cast.

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Once upon a time in Texas

I am exicted too, I hope this episode is good man becuase like someone else said we are half way thru this season and so far nothing yet. But I can't wait till tonight!!!!

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How can we save Heroes/why did fans leave?

Ravenhill: I hate to say this but I agree with you!

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How can we save Heroes/why did fans leave?

I am so mad right now dude i can’t get this sh*t of my mind call me crazy but I love this freaking show, and I do know that it has been bad lately but I just never wanted to believe this would ever happen. :(.....I am thankful that is not going to get cancel like other shows have had and NBC is going to let it finish strong, but things change every time a show is call for canceling you will see more budget cut things get rushed out more people die,  a good example is Prison Break and Dark Angels. Two great show went down weak and horrible……..

Anyhow I do believe that the writer strike ruined this show.. Thanks for nothing.


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