Just in time for the new season of this USA hit, we've created a Suits forum on TV Fanatic.

Please be respectful, but this is your online destination to discuss all things - personal and professional - related to one of our favorite USA Network hits.

So welcome and enjoy! We hope to see you here often.

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Welcome, Beasties, and thank you for your enthusiasm.

Due to your comments and clear affection for our Beauty and the Beast coverage on TV Fanatic, we've created a new forum where you can meet, discuss and debate.

Just please do it nicely and respectfully and we'll meet you here over the coming days/weeks/months/years to talk about everything related to this CW drama.

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You commented, and we've responded:

Thanks to your enthusiasm for Arrow reviews, spoilers, Round Tables and more, we've created an Arrow forum for fans to congregate in and discuss all things related to this CW hit.

So come on in, please play nicely and engage with fellow fans now!

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Greetings, Once Upon a Time Fanatics!

Due to your enthusiasm for this show on TV Fanatic, we've gone ahead and created a forum dedicated to the land of wonder, magic and Storybrooke. Use this space to engage with fellow fans and debate whether Regina can ever turn over new, positive leaf; who Emma should end up with; and a whole lot more.

This is your forum to have fun with however you see fit. Just please play nice and respect each other - and enjoy!

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Turn of the Shoe (Season 4)

Discuss the "Turn of the Shoe" Episode from Season 4 here.

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A is for A-L-I-V-E (Season 4)

Discuss the "A is for A-L-I-V-E " Episode from Season 4 here.

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A dAngerous gAme (Season 3)

Discuss the "A dAngerous gAme" Episode from Season 3 here.

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I'm Your Puppet (Season 3)

Discuss the "I'm Your Puppet" Episode from Season 3 here.

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Will the Circle Be Unbroken? (Season 3)

Discuss the "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" Episode from Season 3 here.

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Hot Water (Season 3)

Discuss the "Hot Water" Episode from Season 3 here.

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