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@chair: Thank you... but really?!? We do the best we can do get the quotes right, but we type as we watch and, please remember, we do this all for the (FREE) benefit of our readers. Is there any other TV site out that that even offers immediate True Blood quotes?

Does "up to snuff" versus "not enough" change the meaning or humor of the quote in any way? Of course not. Give us a bit of a break here, please.

That said, always feel free to send in your favorite quotes each week to matt @ TVFanatic.com and I'll post them.

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Joshua Jackson on VD!

What role should this actor play if he really does guest star?
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Keep Your Friends Close (Season 1)

Discuss the "Keep Your Friends Close" Episode from Season 1 here.

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A gay character?!?

Clearly, Ted will be the be revealed to be gay. How do you guys feel about that?

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The Perfect Storm (Season 1)

Discuss the "The Perfect Storm" Episode from Season 1 here.

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Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone (Season 1)

Discuss the "Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone" Episode from Season 1 here.

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The Homecoming Hangover (Season 1)

Discuss the "The Homecoming Hangover" Episode from Season 1 here.

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9 Crimes

What did everyone think of the episode 9 Crimes? What are your impressions of Debbie Pelt?

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NO SPOILING! (Spoilers)

To all that have read the books: make a thread in the forum and talk about them here. But PLEASE do not leave comments anywhere that spoil storylines for those that have not read them and wish to watch the show with a fresh slate.

Thank you.

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episode 4 music (Music)

You can check out all music from the show in our Pretty Little Liars music section! Click on the link above, in the top-hand navigation!

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