Lucy!! (Lucy Hale)

I love Lucy Hale!! I really like her style and role alot.

Anyone else who also like her? and Who do you want her to be with? Share your views..

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Spoilers from the books...! (Spoilers)

^ so true about the Monabeing scary n weird in the homecoming episode.. my predictions for A is really rooting for her

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NO SPOILING! (Spoilers)

Thank You!!! I'm loving this show so much and someone trying to spoil it wouldnt be such a nice thing.

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There's No Place Like Homecoming (Season 1)

i think toby or emily is going to die.. we know that its not supposed to be emily so it'll be toby.. i wished she had listened to him instead of running away!!

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vampire diaries vs 90210

andrea:) lol you made my day!! and I completely agree with you!

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