OMFG 2x22 finale

OMFG I just finished watching!! It was SO good!

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the Irony about Klaus

I wonder when we will see Elijah again...

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Delena Kiss Picspam

to me it seemed like she was finally letting herself feel whatever she feels for him, that she's been afraid of finding out... something that made her want to kiss him

I agree. It was a beautiful moment. I can't wait for season 3!

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Where are you from around the world, that you watching Vampire Diaries??

I'm from Ecuador :)

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i fell inlove with katherine thread

I loveee Katherine :) She is amazing. So badass and always one step ahead.

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Am I Seriously The Only Person That Likes Katherine?

I love Katherine! She is a great character but so fun to watch. She is a b!tch, but we love her for it :D Hopefully she'll stick around (and not die!)

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I'm not completely sure how I feel about them :P They looked good in the prom episode but I want to see more interaction between the two before they become a couple (if they become one).

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Naomi + Teddy = HOT!

Yeah, Teddy is gay and that won't change, so no Naomi/Teddy couple :P

However, I think they looked really good together in the last episode, so I hope the writers explore more of that friendship.

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Jenna/Alaric appreciation

I'm still not over the fact that Jenna is death :(

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Competition thread for the 10th week and the 9th winner!

Congratulations :) And great choice for this wwek's contest

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