Nowadays Katherine seems more popular than Elena :D

If it wasn't for the Salvatores and her doppelganger status she'd be as irrelavant as Vanessa on GG

Although I really love both Elena and Katherine, the GG reference is SO funny. But Vanessa is useless and generally unlikeable, so I would never compare any of TVD characters with her lol

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The Secret Circle?????

I think I'll watch, mainly because I'm so obsessed with TVD, so I'm hoping The Secret Circle will be at least half as great. I haven't read the books, though.

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quinn is kind of a slut

oh, yes Quinn is very much a slut. She's slept with most of the guys in the school, had a bunch of kids and cheated on every boyfriend she's had, NOT

lol you are so right :P Quinn, has had her share of mistakes (and who hasn't), but she is a good girl and definitely not a slut. Flirty would be a more suitable word, perhaps.

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Who do you think should comeback for season 3 Lauren, Blaine, or Sam>

Blaine!! And Sam too :) I like Lauren but I think she is better in the background, like at the beginning of season 2 when she just had some appearances. I don't like the fact that she is in the club, though.

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Another CRAZY dream

lol I wish I had dreams like that more often

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If Klaus' blood can heal a vampire...

I think A is the answer, as it makes sense that the blood of a hybrid can cure a werewolf's bite.

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Kevin Williamson on season 3

Wow thanks for posting the interview @drich61!!

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Alaric / double shot

I love Alaric! I'm so happy he is still alive. He was SO great in the finale.

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"Hello brother"

Gosh how is a girl to choose? :) Well if I had to pick one I would say Damon because he said it first. When Elijah said it I totally remembered Damon saying it.

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Beth in New York?

I thought so too! But then again I don't see why Quinn would taunt Finn with the idea of her plan... unless she hopes something will happen with Puck to make Finn jealous.

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