Really want Damon to die

Well I guess everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I have to say that I love Damon. He is such a great character, and there is so much to him - he has depth, he is conflicted but we can still understand him and what he is going through. So, I love Damon, and the show wouldn't be the same without him :)

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What if the first Petrova doppelganger is an original and a sister of Klaus and Elijah???

I also think the Original Petrova had something important to do with either Klaus or the Original family of vampires, because having some random girl's doppleganger be the key to breaking the curse would make no sense :P

However, if the Original Petrova was Klaus and Elijah's sister, the whole KathJah theory will fall apart (and I do think they made a cute couple in the flashbacks, so I'm all for KathJah)

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character theme songs

lol what a great idea for a contest :D

1) Everytime I listen to "Everybody Loves Me" by OneRepublic I think of Damon, so I guess that would be a good song option for his character.

2) More of a Damon/Katherine song than a Damon song, but I do love "Happiness is Overrated" by The Airborne Toxic Event.

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OMG! Thanks for the spoilers :) I hope it is true, because it sure sounds amazing.

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Competition thread for the 9th week and the 8th winner!

Congratulations @SarahLiz!

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Katherine cares about Damon

I do think that Katherine cares about Damon, but she will always choose herself above everyone else, even over Stefan (who she claims to love). Kat has a heart and all, but she is still selfish and will do whatever it takes for her to live.

However, the look on her face when Damon told her he had been bitten said it all - that she cares.

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the blood of the doppelganger - cure??

Yeah, that sounds completely possible. And I would love to see Damon drinking Elena's blood.

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TVD appreciation.

What I love about this show is that it's not only about ships. It has depth, character development (as individual, not only as a couple), and the best storylines in television. Of course I love the couples as well (I love so many that some of my 'ships' overwrite themselves), but this show is really a complete package. TVD <3

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Elijah was so great in the last episode. Both the flashbacks AND the present day scenes were amazing. I'm glad we know more about his character now. I just hope the Originals stick with us until season 3!

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