Adriana's Text!

I think Adrianna did some really bad stuff to begin with. Adrianna brought this on herself, not Silver. I mean clamming for the baby she gave away for adoption and then be ok with it after, that was the worst of her...

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lexie and mark or lexie and jackson (Relationships)

Shonda said that? Hooo well, that will be weird to watch the connection between Callie, Arizona, Lexie and Mark, I wonder if Lexie gets a vote, that way it could even out the votes. WEEEIRRD

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Dare to Dair?

Dair = true love. 

As I said before, Blair found out who she really is this season, she is better (note to Dorota and Serena for saying that in 4x17) and now I really think she's got her life figured out and she wants to be with Dan, so let this happen, and let it be like Joey and Pacey, true love forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Things, Dair will never have

What Dair will never have : 

trading Blair for a hotel

Dan sleeping with underage girl the day they are supposed to get back together

STDS (considering Chuck has slept with half the woman on earth)

Hiding passeport in new girlfriend handback 

Abusing of someone's friendship by asking them to put a good word for them to a girl they say they don't have feelings for but really does (raina)

Comparing Blair to Bart's bass ''girls''

Declaring war on each other, with no limits 

Blair being just the girl by his side like she is with Chuck

Sleeping with Dan's uncle (as Blair did with Chuck)

Leaving town after sleeping by each others side when Chuck lost his father (RUDE!)

and the list can goes on and on...



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liam with annie or liam with naomi?

Naomi with the nerd guy? I love these two together

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is the whole prince thing fake? (Spoilers)

TRUELOVECONQUER : Dan and Blair kiss was sparkless? How do you know? Cause what I saw at the end of the episode wasn't a kiss, I saw Blair pull Dan into a kiss (I LOVE TO SAY THAT LOL) and then BLACK. So tell me how did you see the kiss?

Actually, lets not forget one thing, this season was about Blair finding out who she really is and actually getting to know herself better. Finding out you want the guy from Brooklyn must be kind of hard so I guess Louis will be a distraction, but I'm convinced the season will end with Dan and Blair. Don't worry, they will end up together, the writers don't build up stories with two major characters for them not to end up together, especially not like they did for Dan and Blair. Here is what I don't see in the future. 

Louis and Blair lasting or even getting married : silly!

Blair and Chuck back together : This 'might' happen at the end, but Chuck seems to hurt her all the time.... (if you listenned to her in 4x17, she clearly says that it is too soon to make joke about Chuck trading her for a hotel, she is still upset about it...).

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lexie and mark or lexie and jackson (Relationships)

I think the writters saying lexie and mark will end up together was an old very old spoilers for when they got back together before christmas break. Now they have ruined the possibilty of Lexie and Mark going back together (Mark chooses the baby and the weird threesome, I think Lexie needs someone who will be there for her, and daddy Mark has just so much on his hands, and this will be the case for 18 years!!!!18 years!!!!!! So here's what I think : Lexie should be with someone else, whether it is jackson or not, she really doesn't need to be caught in this weird situation (christmas time with a two mommy and a daddy together, come on you have to wish for a happier life).END OF STORY

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What do you think of Callie's pregnancy? (Spoilers)

I think the pregnancy makes it impossible for Mark and Lexie to be together. I for once wouldn't agree to this weird threesome and I think Lexie shouldn't. Mark clearly chooses the baby so Lexie needs to be with someone else. (aka Jackson). End of story

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is the whole prince thing fake? (Spoilers)

Here is what will happen...I think, 

Next episode : everybody finds out about Dan and Blair, and the two of them goes completly in denial!!!!!! They choose not to explore their feelings, Dan eventually kisses Vanessa and Blair runs into Louis. So Dan and Vanessa are together and Louis and Blair are together, but their loved ones feel like they are not into it. In the very last episode of the season, Louis says something like : Blair you can't be with me, you are hiding from someone with me and I don't like it. Vanessa says something like that too (but more anoying lol) and Blair and Dan meet at the very end of the episode, and decide to sail away together...Oups sorry I'm confused with Pacey and Joey now(Dawson's creek, mutual enemies becoming lovers...remember)... I mean they will take a plane and leave for ...I don't know England or something. THE END

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