Stelena Appreciation Thread

Uh Stefan was being a dick even before Klaus was around like when he was high on human blood he didnt tell Elena he had a addiction problem which was very important he should have so she should know what he is really capable of. And even After Klaus freed Stefan and gave Stefan back his own free will Stefan alone choose to keep his humanity off not because of Klauses compulsion because Klaus released him after Stefan helped him so he thought. Yes Damon has done bad things to Elena but so has Stefan. We know the bad things Damon did by feeding Elena his blood but his motive for it was better then Stefans. 1. The first time Damon fed Elena blood was so that he can have the book to release Katherine from the tomb which is understandable. 2. Second time was to save Elena from Dying in the ritual so that was selfless right there. But when Stefan tried to turn her that was just over doing it he tried to throw her off the bridge where her parents died. Sure Damon did bad things to her but that one thing Stefan did to her was more colder then anything Damon had done to her. And as for Damon Staking Stefan he was defending himself because Stefan wouldnt stop hitting him. Your telling me that Damon was just suppose to stand there and let his ass get whooped? NO!. Oh yeah and I can add bad things Stefan did to other people and not just Elena. 1. Stefan overkilled Frederick right in front of her and tried to scare her. 2. Killed Vicky he didnt have to kill Vicky he could have just held her back he may be on animal blood but he was still older then Vicky which gives him a advantage. 3. Was being a bully to that guy all because he told Elena to get off the dance floor and he injured that guy later and tried to feed on him but changed his mind. 4. Never told Elena about her resemblence to Katherine till the last minute. 5. Was about to kill Amber until Bonnie used that spell on him. 6. Robbed the blood bank dry and probably killed the people in there as well. 7. Put blood in Elenas fathers mouth and threatened to turn him into a vampire and make him hate himself. 8. He acts like he is innocent when in fact he killed more people then Damon did. 8. Lied to Elena about not having feelings for Katherine still. If he didnt have feelings for her still why did he have a picture of her still? thats like saying you feel tired yet you dont sleep. 9. Stefan killed Andy. And last but not least 10. He tried to throw her over the bridge where her parents died. Now I can say many other bad things Stefan did but those are the main ones you should remember. I am not saying Damon is innocent either but Why does he get all the blame?

OH.MY.GOD. this is what someone said on the vampire wiki!!

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

hi everyone, very intresting posts. honestly right now i donr know hows she going to chose, but i kinda feel damon coz they want to give the fans what they want, n explore the whole d/e thing. its funny because when delena fans are getting one on there argument is it not the stefan elena show, its a show about a triangle. grasoing at straws here, because the thing about these triangles is that one side is always longer, s/e love in this case.

i liked the argument about stefan bringing out damons humanity i agree with this i also thing that damon is stefans too. its just damon grates on me coz he wants his brothers girl.

that rose promotion pic i dont think its showing stefan damon i think elena will turn and the white is her pure human life and the red her new dark hunger and the bloodlust.

the prmo pic where it looks like stefan compelling elena, it was in a spoiler that the brothers make a pact that one will leave if the other one is picked. well mayb they agree to compel her to forget that brother too. mayb shw will chose damon but perhaps a mercy choice?? so stefan is leaving goes to say goodbye, compells hetr to forget. then elena somehow is near whickery bridge, she has vampire blood in her system in her blood from sum event in 3.21. shes upset confused but doesnt know why, feeling like she felt after her perants die, she crashes her car off the bridge. at this point stefan is on his way leaving town when he hears the car crash, just like before he goes to her, but shes already died, he wakes foe her to waken and when she does the compullsion wears off, she realises its stefan its always going to be stefan, and she turns! making season 4 start with  a mad labador and a new vamp??crazy i know but i just want elena and stefan back to gether d/e is just a no go for me.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

hi everyone. love reading these posts. i re watched 3.19 lastnite, and that kiss urg. but it wa a proper up against the wall fumble, like there drunk lol!

i cant believe there tryin to say that stefan has somthing to wiv elenas perants dying. are we not readin the same things?because am pretty sure plec said no supernatrual its really a tragic accident. delena fans are desperate and will do ant thing to tey and make damon into this wonderful hero.

i'v being reading another forum disscussion se v's de, and one de fan was ranting on that stefan shouldnt be forgiven by elena because he didnt care when klaus had given the order for his hybird to run jeremy over, h ekept sayin not my problem and was also telling elena she wasnt his responsiabllity and he didnt care about her, er hello stefan didnt kill/order jeremys death. he kept pushing her away because he thought she felt something for damon and was trying to protect her. plus he couldnt forgive himself for bitting her when UNDER COMPLUSTION!

damon however did purposely kill jer, and jer ended up shot because he was tryin to help damon but he moved even tho he heals. but appartently this isnt worse, i dont no why, perhaps because its poor damon who gets his shirt off all the time.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

i think if elena had never meet stefan then yeah she would have seatled for damon, hoping to change him, foe a while he would and then he'd just do something dmon to mess it up. am getting more use to the idea of elena not picking stfean this season because SE R ENDGAME!

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

haha @teamstelena, these were very good points. i feel whrn your arguing with a de fan tho, its like arguing with your teenage daughter,cant get any sense through.

i love it when they say se was young/first love, er hello stefans old enoght to be my great great great grandfateher. plus he loved katherine. and what bout elena and matt i'd say that that was their 1st love.

the arguement that delena fan put up about challanging her was probably the more senseable one i've heard.

but i dont see the love between  de. i see friendship and probably elena going to him for some things rather then stefan, we all do that tell our friends something we perhaps wouldnt tell our other hallfs.

damon wont chande nor should if elena doesnt love him for who he is then she just doesnt love him full stop.

shes seen stefans bad side and she still wants him, that sexual tension fillled dance in 3.14 to them making eyes on the doorstop 3.20.

delena fans saying that stefans done bad things to her, he has, but he was lost and he fought his way back for her.. damon does bad things but he thinks that there for the right reasons.

elena forgive damon for a lot of shit, i think it hurts more with stefan, because she loves him so much it will take longer to forgive and accept that there both different now. thats why am now certain even though i want them back together it wont happen till next season.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

hello everyone. i'm in the uk so i think am not running on the same time as everyone else. i watch the lastest episodes on the internet. and 3.20 was great i love it that they dint have some hot swaety teenage fumble against the wall, to show what there love really is. its fairytail love. delena fans go on about it being boring safe, not challangings, thats b*****s! this is the kind of love we all want. we all do the bad guy (damon) and its passionate intense thrilling but we love the 'stefan' because its still all of these things and everything esle. 

i really cant see delena being end game, becuase its not true to elenas character,

saying that i hope she chooses herself because stefan needs to get a hold of hisself. control his blood lust. connect more damon, let elena grieve alaric lookafter jeremy and just put the last 3 years in prepective.

she also needs to understand stefan more, because i know all the awful things damon has done but so has stefan.

the differance is stefan wants to redeem his self and try and be a better person, earn elenas love. damon doesnt care he likes being who he is( or who he was before the writers made a pussy)

and he's told elena this "am not stefan"

stefan also cares about elenas friends damon doesnt.

elena is attracted to damons good side but he only shows it for her, just like klaus with caroline.

(i ship caroline and matt)

elena wont choose damon because she knows that she feels more for stefan, if she did chose damon i think it would only be because she forced in this desion e.g dying again or him threating to take his daylight ring off.

but also how could the writers let her go off do things with damon, and stefan just sit waiting incase she does or doesnt come back to him.

because really why would he want her then.

i think plec teased with "it will come to n head, maybe not the head"

i think season four should be about s/e finding their way back to each other.

let damon get it on with meradith! or katherine because i think really if she wanted him its her he really wants. 

someone said about elena/elijah, i like them together but has friends, to be honest i only see elena with stefan and vise verser, thats why even tho there not together stefan isnt bed hoppin!

and i've done it again wrote mega long post!sorry!



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Stelena Appreciation Thread

hi so am new to this post, although i have being reading it for a while. i love stelena. and last week episode 3.19 was hell to watch.

it also made me dislaike elena for a bit because she started it, wasnt ending it. but alleast it was nothing like the kisses she shares with stefan.

she cant chose damon it makes no sense.

.he killed jeremy

. had sex and abused caroline

.had sex and turned her mum

.turned bonnies mum

.is so willing to let others die for elena when this is not her choice. but delena fans confuse this with 'him challanging her'

.fed her blood

.toutured stefan for so many years

.killed ric

.by acting out and taking it upon himself to save caroline and tyler before the sacrifce, he led to jenna being turned

.he also got him self bitten which led to stefan having to leave

. sleeps with other woman, i know he's single but at the moment so is stefan and he doesnt act like man whore

.he's nasty to jeremy

.killed lexi

i like damon has a charater and elenas friend i think in that respect there good for each other. but the whole delena thing is done to please that fan base. it wont ever b epic stelena love. too forced and the whole rose speech proved that.

i hope elena doesnt chose stefan at the season end because plec stated that this wouldnt be elenas final choice.

but i hope its herself. she needs to grieve and help jeremy. besides i think alarics death will send damon back to his bad boy ways. 

plus damon shouldnt interfer with elena and stefan. if he wasnt bitten stefan wouldnt have left. then damon spent the whole summer trying to muscel in on elena. plec wanted to build their bond back up well him going after elena doesnt show him wanting to bond with stefan, you just wouldnt go after your brothers girl. especially after your brothers being to hell and back on his behalf.

sorry for this long rant of a post.

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