from s1 i always felt they werent right for each other....but i dont mind them together..Serenate however...yyyyyuuuuuccccckkkkkk

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character conclusion & season 4 wishes (Spoilers)

mmmhhh i was about to post something like this till isaw this thread...


Serena i think her character was perfect this season...she lost the love of her fault of her naturally the insecurities that made her a trainwreck in the first place come back thus the jumping from one guy to the makes sense...her being a bithc the last two episodes again made sense for me,she thought she'd found what she had been looking for all her life and thus was ready to do anything to save that.natural for next season i hope she realises she doesnt need to always be in a relationship to reach her full potential..i  also think this is why she will turn dan down and go to Paris,find herself and start college next season then we can have a nice Derena build up with her fighting the love she has for Dan and the obstackles that are keeping them apart.


Blair i feel her character was also done justice..its a transitional period going from HS to it made sense for her character to struggle fitting in,in an environment shes not used to.and her being nice,its a reaction to being really in love and for the first time the reletionship wasnt about what she wanted so she was being selfless.and now the bitch coming back,makes sense,Chuck fucked her over,Jenny is messing up and we know Blair cant stay out of games.So next season i wanna see her back in her element . Dethroning the Queen at columbia and maybe even a boyfriend thats not Chuck and Nate...Chuck trying to win her back...let the games begin


Chuck...again made sense,1st time really in love,it changes someone and makes them want to open up more...more selflessness.but he did show the things that made him Chuck i think next season hes back to his old self,scheming manipulating and trying to win Blair back


Jenny...just perfection this season.with everything thats happened to her who wouldnt be a trainwreck?so i hope she goes away and comes back with an appetite for disaster...causes major drama mid season ..then by the end realises that it doesnt make her feel any better being vengeful and stuff and goes to her mom or something...


Dan was again perfection this season..transitional period going to college,no longer an outsider thus gets more adventorous.Danessa was inevitable...him not really caring for his family made sense...again the Serena thing forced to breakup.and being close to them is a reminder of hes discovering himself at college thus hard for him to make time for Jenny, season...i want A darker dan...get him into drugs or Serena,Jenny;Vanessa;Nate...lonely boy is lonely again.gets involved with the wrong crowd...leave it to S to save him(finally she not the one always being saved)and play on their resentment towards their parents


Nate,i think was ok this season...jus season give him a storyline with eric who i feel has been underused..Nate is the class whore afterall.hes done all the girls.have him have an affair with Eric while hes in a relationship with some other girl...maybe could lead Eric to  another suicide attempt or something.Nate should also be on a mission to build the Archibald name and on the way get into some dirty business...


Vanessa...DIAF little facetime as possible.only sl,breakup with Dan and stops being friends with him...then goes to Europe or something..


Rufly this season led me to believe they wont be end game...heres what i think/hope happens with them...the fights after Jenny leaves dont stop coz we all know self righteous Rufus will blames someone else.Lily is her mother really and her going for the next billionaire is saw how easy it was with Dr WVdW...speaking of which turns out Scott is his son not Rufus,this coz of what Lilly said when she was coming back from palm beach to Serena.Derenas resentment towards them doesnt help thir case ande Erics depression final nail on the coffin as Lilly finally chooses being mother over wife...if S4 is the last then we can getr Derena with clear consiouses...


end game with everyone

:Derena happens,Dan becomes writer.Serena finally relinqishes her need for attention...but we all know she's an it girl...and some how Attention finds her...ends up being actress or something that will put her front and center as usual.


Chair:Blair takes over Waldorf designs,she and Chuck can rule the UES as King and Queen..


Nenny:not sure i wanna see this one tbh...maybe Nate ends up leaving UES to find himself and be happy like he wanted in S1.Jenny finally stops tryna fit in and jus lets things be.gets her own fashion line under the Waldorf designs as a branche....later on...takes the world by storm with her own label.


Rufly:break up....Lilly goes off with the next billionaire,its who she is..Rufus can stay by his righteous self and finally focus on Jenny the one who ends up really close with his dad and maybe get him  back with Jonathan


Vanessa...dies tragically filming something...idc tbh....


wow thats really long

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Blair and Jenny's relationship (Spoilers)

while i totally hate Jenny,i feel like everything shes done is justifiable....even the Dan Serena thing,this girl is been though a lot. 

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new sneak peeks are up!!! (Spoilers)

this is disappointing,so Dan is the one fessing up....i knew it would be but i was hoping id be for Blair shes never been really a Derena shipper.she's too superficial and most likely believes that UESrs belong to UESrs.Also the fact that the four of them,B,S;Cand N have been friend s since forever,she probably wants them to all be with each other...


I think Chenny is happening...eeeewwwww!!!!


i actually hope Jenny comes back with an even bigger appetite for destruction that will make Bitchy Georgina look like Jesus will make for interesting tv....


and i hope >Dan is the one who gets shot...



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If Dan falls in love for serena again...

i just hope for once its Serena who comes clean....i can totally see her declaring her undying love lol.then Dan willprobably say he doesnt want to hurt Vannessa blah blah blah...then S runs to Paris with B.


i hope next season she stays single and starts college and be a bit normal at least for some 5 episodes...give the likes of Blair  more face time...she can turn to the supportive friend for a while then come back to the forefront when she and Dan struggle with their feelings for each other

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Blake tired of GG! (Blake Lively)

considering the crappy characterisation of every character esp Serena VdW,i dont blame her.this show has become shock factor and nothing certainly isnt helping their careeers.

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Dan and Serena need to come back

im kinda glad now they was no Derena for most of the made me want them even moarrrr!!!but i hope they dont get together till maybe e5-10 s4.....i need build up and some serious pining for each other..

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News about Darena & the shooting (Spoilers)

I hope its Serena who stops pretending but knowing the writers it will be Dan.then Serena will decline and run off to paris with Blair.....or it could be she tells him and he refuses then she runs off??


so im thinkin Chuck gets shot by people Jack most likely hired...

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