Dan and Serena need to come back

i was kinda mad with the way their reunion was done but now looking back it makes sense....they havent been interacting the whole season basically imo to avoid each other and the feelings they might have still had for each other.thus the moment they were together for the 1st time in forever,they ended up kissing:)


now they were trying to convince themselves its nothing coz of obvious reasons...so i think S4 continues with this struggle for their'forbidden' love...add some manipulation by G and you got a great fight to be together...cant wait...

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who else wants Blair and Georgina to be partners in crime?

They should team up to take down VANESSA!!!!!epic


G for Dans sake,B doesnt need a reason

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Worst Blair Outfits

Blairs style has never impressed me...its always uptight and personally theres very few Blair outfits id be seen wearing in the light of day or night for that matter.


Serenas fashion sense FTW:::

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Dan and Serena season 4?

to the best couple everrrrr...this thread is an epic win


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Dan and Serena season 4?

lets hope we gwt ds this upcoming season...i wanna see S fight for Dan

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Blake lands Female Lead in.....! (Blake Lively)

its great... i keep telling people she a very good actress and they say she gets by coz of her looks...jus watch her in movies and she shines...


i think she more of a movie actress than tv...and the character that she plays on GG is annoying so....

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best quotes ever.

i go through life like a karate kid-Britney Spears

with love,you gotta be willing to take the risk of being hurt because it is the greatest feeling on earth-Britney Spears

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Because we kinda need a DS thread with a more optimistic name. Ahem. They're endgame, bitches.

awww i was watching the high society episode as well last night....that kiss is epic.its the pic she had by her bed side soooo cute.<3

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10 songs you're currently listening to.....

Britney Spears-quicksand

Rihanna-rockstar 101


Jay-Z-empire state of mind(aka new york)

Eminem-im not afraid

Britney Spears-Get naked

Lady Gaga-Speechless


Bon Jovi-Always

Britney Spears-Outta this World

my iphone top 1o

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Future outside Gossip Girl

Blake will be the Movie star, maybe. she's a good actress, at least in movies.


exactly,i think shes a movie actress....i get irritated with her as Serena but i ABSOLUTELY  LOVE HER in movies.like her role as the younger Pippa,very reminiscant of Serena but because it was a movie and ended after an hour and half,i found her potrayal spot on...same with the Bridget role on TSOTTP...so i really believe shes more movies than TV and i hope she never does tv after gg,dont think she actually wants to tbh.


Leighton on the other hand is perfect as a tv actress...she can have her own spin off as an investigative lawyer...id watch it jus for the one liners that Blair does...EPIC

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