1 - Sam and Rebecca, have to agree I like them together.

2 - He really doesn't have a choice at this point, but I don't think he should totally trust her. Not yet anyway.

3 - I thought it was relatively easy. I'm not sure Rebecca thinks her brother is totally safe, which is why Michael needs to keep one eye open when Rebecca is involved.

4 - 5, even though I have doubts about Rebecca, I'm really hoping she becomes one of the team. Sam and Rebecca play off each other very well.

5 - I think so. I know he has his own agenda, but he needs Michael, and he knows that means helping Fiona.


I think being a friend of the CIA helps Fiona, but does not get her out of jail, is what the writers wrote. Thats why Michael still needs to find Anson as his get out of jail card for Fiona.

I guess next week we find out who is the one leaving the show. I hope the Anson thing is almost over. I want Fiona out of jail. Too good a character and actress to keep her in an orange jump suit.

Rebecca and Sam, I think would be good partners. I would like to wait to see if she really trusts Michael and is really not with Anson.


I was sad to hear about only 3 episodes left. I was hoping we would at least get this until September. There are still a lot of things to learn about the two of them.

I know Travis having certain feelings about his foster childhood had to have something to do with his current personality. Prior to this, they showed him as being somewhat happy about his past families, and now they show us that it was not what he tried to make it out to be. Which is what you would expect. I hope we find out more before the show ends. I hope it will be re-newed for another season.

I did feel bad for Capt. Sutton, who has certainly tried everything to save his marriage. They showed that his wife might not have the same sense of commitment. I did feel for him trying to make an excuse for his wife, so that they would hold the table longer.


I don't think it was too soon for Hank to go towards another relationship, after all, Jill and he were not together for quite a few episodes. But, I think everyone knew his new job with Boris would get in the way. I think we are not through with Harper as yet. I wonder if she joins HankMed at some point.

I also thought that Rhesma did a great job of showing emotion. I was surprised that they thought it was probably a suicide attempt, or maybe we find something out later, that it wasn't. Poor Divya, relationships are hard for this character.

Well I guess Evan, hires Paige. I hope this does not ruin the relationship, I do like them together.


I thought this was a great episode. I the acting of total terror Angie did, even her body shook like someone who was scared. That was great. I think Sasha did do a good job of acting while watching her friend being tied to a bed. I also think that the friendship between these two women are the key to the success of the show.

I did not like that Maura's biological family was dropped. I know they will come back to it, but they should have continued with it this week, and did the Jane family crisis for next week. But, I still enjoyed the episode.


I thought this was a good episode. Eric McCormack plays this man perfectly, very convinced he has all this stuff, going through his head. I see improvement needed, but it is only the 2nd show. I do see this show and these characters growing with great potential. I'll be around for awhile.


I thought this was very funny. I'm glad they gave us a humorous one, before the sad end of this wonderful show. I love that they had Flynn and Provenza mess up again. Waiting for the evidence to be deposited by the dog was great. Although, I think the lawyer, who they referred to as Bonnie, was not very bright for leaving it in the first place.

I'm still at odds as to who the leak is, with only 4 more episodes left, we will know soon. I'm still leaning towards Pope, because he has turned into such a jerk. I would hate to see it be David, although a possibility. And Sharon, gives these looks, which sometime, you just are so sure where she is coming from.

I would like to see Provenza end up in a relationship. Since trying so many times, going back to the first, would make a good ending.


I enjoyed this episode. I see what you mean that they have to get a little deeper, and not so much light hearted. I loved seeing Wes having to push Hudson off the bed over and over, finally giving up and falling asleep right next to him. Wes obviously still has deep feeling for Alex, and Alex does seem to have feeling for Wes, but just can't seem to live with the fact that he is no longer a lawyer, but a cop. Travis can also be explored on a deeper level. I know he is suppose to be a woman chaser, but I think they are taking it a little too far. He was a foster child, and I love when he visits his families, so I would love to see him deal with something more serious in an adult way. I know this show is new and I'm willing to give it a good long chance, but I think the writers can do better. The acting is good, the stories just need to be a little better for this show to have a chance to survive. I'll keep watching.


I thought it was a great episode. You knew from the start that it would take a number of episodes to get Fiona out, and yet the complaints keep coming. So why watch.

I think Michael realizing that Fiona is basically his life, is what has been building up since the start of the series, and is a natural progression. So having him upset at Fiona's situation is understandable. Fiona is a badass, but when she is clearly out numbered and also trapped being in prison, she can't get away. This is a great series and continues to be.


I agree with a previous comment, that Paige's thought was, she was hired because of her looks, and not her talent. So, even though that has nothing to do with her talent, if you are insecure about something in the first place, then you can understand where Paige was coming from when she found out her talent did not get her the job. I'm glad Boris is back. He always makes for an interesting story.

I have heard of spotted fever, but not everyone has heard of everything. I'm sure there are things that all of you don't know about, but are widely known by others. So maybe putting others down for not knowing something is rude and uncalled for.