I'm glad that someone told Angela. Lydia's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she was right in telling Angela. I hope that we do find out soon who the father is. I'm sure this is not the end of Lydia. Didn't this actress play the, "I don't know who the father is" character on Friends? Talk about type casting.

I think Casey should appear soon also. And Maura's bio mother, has to come back at some point. I'm sure when Maura's sister gets really sick and is facing death, one or the other will contact Maura.


I hope they can continue, I don't think this show has lost anything. It's heading into another direction, but all shows have to, once they have been on so long. NCIS has been on almost twice as long and it does not seem to be slowing down.


I think they have a lot of places they could go. He finished with Anson, but since someone show both Anson and Nate, Anson might not have been the head person who burned Michael afterall. We need to find out who shot Nate and why, so I'm sure thats good for a few episodes.

Most people were thinking it was Rebecca, and I went along as well, but I had said that I hope they would not be that obvious. I'm glad the writers did not disappoint. I agree Rebecca will be back. Pearce should have been at the service. I'm glad we see Sam's girlfriend finally, she should make it interesting. I wonder if the spoiled rich kid gets in trouble again.


I think the Van Dyke thing was a little strange, since it was never his personality in the first place to do something like that.

I did like the rest of the episode, although I am also wondering about Paige and Evan, I wonder if a break-up is coming on. I hope not, I like them together, but I see the writers going with some conflict.

I loved the dog becoming the hard nosed Russian's companion.


I did not see Willie Ray's death coming, until I saw Brenda's father at the kitchen table, without Willie Ray. I thought they were going to go with a sudden death, but that it would be Clay.

The make up people have to be given some recognition, great shot, and the actress, not even a twitch while your eyes are open. Very good, acting by Kyra as well. I hated to see Willie Ray go, but I will hate to see this entire show go. I've enjoyed every episode.


My favorite scene was when Michael told his Mom about Nate. How heart breaking. Love Sharon.

No not shocked. Someone did let it slip earlier, but it was the appropriate one to go. Michael had a big smile on his face. He was proud of his little brother there for a moment, before Nate got shot.

I guess Rebecca is a good choice, since she was not in the show, but I'm hoping its not that obvious, and they lead us to believe its her and its not.

I'm glad the storyline is over. Dragging it on would have just irritated eveyone. I do think it was anti-climatic. I would think they would have shown Michael confronting Anson, but then how would Nate have been shot and the next storyline started?

I liked the little brother who screws up story, but I don't think with him gone it hurts the show. Anyone else, I think there would be a big void.


Jade....relax. We all have our opinions, no one gets everything right every time, and I'm sure that includes you.

I'm sad that Nate is gone, the little brother that is a screw up, did add to the show. But if someone had to go, then I think they picked the right one. Now Michael will spend some time looking for Nate's killer. Rebecca is a good theory, but that also might where the writers want us to think its going. We will see.

I'm glad the Anson part is done. I love Ayn, and I hope we see her again. Maybe as the client of the week. Glad Fiona is out and they did not drag that out too long. I loved the scene where Michael tells his Mom, great acting. I'm sure there has to be some feelings of guilt from Michael and a little anger from Mom towards Michael. This is a great show, sorry to see only a couple left before another break.


I think that it showed how they will stay together as partners, where as in the beginning of the show, you weren't quite sure. Travis telling his old mentor, that Wes is his partner and its their case, showed that.

I do agree with the reviewer, that they need a stronger last 2 shows, to get this show renewed. I like it, but it needs a little more intensity and action. I hope they renew it, I think the actors work well together.


@Martinelli....she does get into a lot. Now Mom will be there to see what has happened to her little girl.

I can't wait to see the reactions of both Steve and Mary. There has to be some mistrust or hard feelings towards Mom McG. It will add some good story telling along with everything else that is happening.

I've noticed in the shots that I've seen, that Chin is not wearing his usual Hawaiian shirts. I wonder if thats a sign of his personality change that the writers were referring to.


I agree that this show has improved each week. RLC's acting, or rather the writing for her, has improved as well. I have to admit, I thought she was a lot younger then what she really is. As we see more episodes, I'm sure we will see her as more mature. I did like her them introducing her father.
I love the actor that played him, I hope we see a lot of him.

Eric as usually really shines with this character. The plot and weekly diagnosis was great. I'm liking this show more and more.