5. If Joe is really an evil genius with deep insight into human psychology, he can't believe that Claire will ever love him again. He can believe, however, that he can torture her into pretending that she does. And, being a sadist, he can have a lot of fun. And there's always the Stockholm Syndrome ... On the other hand, Joe seems to believe quite a few things that make no sense, like that Poe's stories are a guide to living a happy life.

6. More and more, the Killin' Hilton seems like a vampire nest. What kind of "surprise" would a vampire nest be planning to spring on the world? Maybe they're thinking about descending on a small town and draining (killing) every single resident?

7. Alternatively, maybe they're founding the Serial Killer Liberation Movement, and the reason they're preparing for an assault is that they're going to rescue minor Ted Bundy's from assorted Death Rows. I really hope the plan is nothing more mundane than that.


1. No, Molly does not get to kill Ryan. She's not going to last out the season, and Ryan's going to be around for quite a while.

2. I'm confused about when her affair with Ryan took place. It appears to be between Joe's capture and Ryan's affair with Claire ... but I got the impression they got together as soon as Joe was convicted.

3. Re. Roderick: I was disappointed to see him lose it (cliche), especially over a (cliche) bad childhood. Psychopaths aren't (necessarily) crazy; they have a personality disorder.

4. Re. Jacob: I partly agree. I think he became an instant hardcore meanie because that's the best way to make him a foil for Emma and a hostile keeper for Claire. With Emma pleading for Jacob to believe her and be nice to her -- more because she wants to have power over SOMEBODY than because she has any real feelings for Jacob -- she's even less sympathetic than she would be otherwise.


Hale is being a jerk, but he appears to be correct about Lauren needing protection. Lauren's scientist friend may really be a cool rich dude, but it seems much more likely that he's either a dark fae or a human who has an anti-fae agenda. How did he know that Lauren needed her freedom? That didn't seem to be a reference to her fugitive past (hmm??? why is she a fugitive???). I'll bet he ties in to the killing field they're investigating.


1. The Rumpelstiltskin angle would have made a lot more sense if the programmers had consciously made a deal with him and then reneged on it. They didn't seem to think they had. What was the deal FOR, anyway? Money? First-born children? And why is Rumpel an acid-dripping cutter-in-halfer anyway? Couldn't they figure out something closer to the fairy tale, like a baby-eater?

2. Juliette wants to know RIGHT NOW so badly that she can't wait for Monroe to consult with Nick? They should let her leave. PLEASE.

3. On the other hand, can N & J really get back together once she recovers her memories? I think ... and hope ... that ship has sailed.

4. Bandwagon comment: Renard is the suave version of Jack Bauer!


@joyeful: "It was nice to see Wu taking centre stage though, I find him really amusing."

This is not a knock on you, @joyeful, but the longer they play Wu for a fool, the more uncomfortable I get. You know, he's just the (somewhat) nerdy but clueless Asian guy. @Nick said that he hoped Wu heard the Wesen-related talk on the rooftop. I doubt it, but it would be nice to see Wu demand to be let in on what's going on.

BTW, I don't know a hell of a lot about PDs, but isn't Portland big enough that it should have a dedicated Homicide department? And more than two detectives?


"We also want to point out that most police would have done the same thing Carl did."

Carl is not a cop. He is a kid without any experience confronting potentially dangerous (living) people. A cop would have given the kid clearer instructions and a clearer warning: "Stop moving and drop the gun or I will be forced to shoot you."

The situation was intentionally ambiguous. What Carl did was forgivable under the circumstances, but remember that his explanation for the shooting was not "He was still coming at me; I had to shoot him before he reached me." It was "He was fighting against us."


While it makes sense that the unseasoned Woodbury troops would panic and run at the first real sign of trouble, I was disappointed that the prison folks were able to thwart the attack so easily. I expected that half the episode would be devoted to a pitched battle. And why wasn't it? Couldn't the prison folks have locked the Woodburyites inside and picked them off (or gotten them to surrender) at leisure?

I was pretty sure that the prison folks had fled (fooled me!), but the Gov was not smart to send all of his forces inside. The whole place could have been booby trapped.

Like most folks, I'm wondering why the merging of the two groups didn't happen in Woodbury. The prison should be more defensible in theory, but it hasn't been in practice. Morale would be higher in a nicer place like Woodbury.

I was sure that the Gov would either sneak back for a stealthier attack on the prison with his elite team or head back to Woodbury to cry about how the evil prison folks had ambushed him. Now that he's gone guerrilla, we're going to have to worry about him hiding behind every bush.


Enjoyed the episode. Not epic, not as good, really, as the previous two Clara episodes, but still fun.

The Great Intelligence is not my favorite bad guy, but I can't say that I really, deeply like any of the Doctor Who bad guys. Where's Darth Vader when you need him?

Why no "Orphan Black" review/discussion?


@Kristen: "When Tamsin told Lauren about the kiss I was thinking that she was trying to sabotage herself with the hairs in the jar thing. Like...ruining Bo and Laurens love or trust so that even though she got the hairs into the jar it wouldn't be effective. Tamsin would be protected because she did what she could but also Bo would be safe. If that makes sense?"

Interesting thought. Maybe you're right.


Agree with the review on most points. Good to get more insight into the Wesen world.

Couldn't tell which robber was Blutbad and which was ... whatever.

When Nick pointed out to Hank that the key is one of a set from the 12th Century and that, all together, they form a map to ... something ... I said: "Hey, who needs 'Zero Hour'!" My partner agreed.

Both Rosalie and Renard contacted the Council. I assume that Renard did not want them getting involved. Did he know that Rosalie had contacted them, and did that force him to send the photos? What are they going to do with the Wesen who killed the robbers?

Does Juliette remind anybody of Donna Noble?