"all Derek all the time" YAY!!! Can't wait.


Way to go Shannon! What a wonderful experience this will be. We're all living vicariously through you and can't wait to hear all about it when you get home :)

Who's That Guy?

Looks like Lexie to me but does that mean she's still living with Mer & Der? Guess we'll find out in one week!!!!

TV Guide Sits Down With Ellen Pompeo

@Kirbi R. Andrews -- this is a joke, right? I certainly hope so because if not, you sound very ignorant. You have offended me and many other people on this site.
It's one thing to have an opinion but you speak as if you know Ellen personally and I'm sure you do not.
Grey's Anatomy would not be the same without Ellen as Meredith Grey. She plays the part exactly the way the character is written and nobody could play her better. Maybe you should go back and rewatch starting from Season 1 so you can get a better understanding of why Meredith Grey is as she is.
And where do you get the idea that she doesn't love Derek? Wow, maybe you should just watch a different show.

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Promo #2

This one is not really much different from the first one. Surely they could give us a little more!

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Promo

Its the same one you've seen on youtube and everywhere else.

Tonight's Grey's Anatomy: "Stand By Me"

@anuflas - I was thinking the same thing about if something should happen to Mer or Der and the other cannot make a medical decision because they are not "legally" married. That's the only repercussion scenario I can think of. PLEASE Shonda, don't let ANYTHING bad happen to Derek!


I don't want new people...I just want more screen time for the Fab Five (or four now, sob)
If Shonda needs help thinking of more stories for them she can just ask all of us on this website.


I was wondering if anyone was going to give her a shower. Glad it was KH.
Ellen looks so adorable and amazing!

Shake Your Groove Thing

If its the one where Mer is dancing by herself holding the Tequila bottle and he's standing there watching her, it is: "EDGE OF THE OCEAN" by Ivy. I love that song!!

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