NCIS Round Table: "Shiva"

1. Describe this episode in one word (or two, or three, or four)
2.Favorite quotes or scenes from "Shiva"? where Tony met Ziva at the airport and he entire ending with the song going very heartbreaking.
3. What was your biggest problem, if any, with the episode?
Ziva alone and without her NCIS family with her
4. The resolution to the case: Did you see it coming?
no on the who had Eli killed but I didn't see the car blowing up.
5. Who was the NCIS MVP of this week?
Tony he was there for Ziva and he was not the class clown like he normally is.
6. What did you make of Deputy Director Craig? hes OK but he doesn't look like he can handle being the head of NCIS.
7. How will this two-parter shape the rest of the season?
it bond Tony and Ziva more it will make Vance be look more like Gibbs they way he lost his family now Vance with his wife he now understands Gibbs.


It was a good episode but I hated the end I didn't want her to die but we will get good Raid reaction. Next couple of weeks and I will like to see how he griefs and how he deal with.

NCIS Review: You Are Not Alone

Jackie was Just a recurring Character she wasn't a main character they half to spice things up now and then. anyways good episode I liked the end and how they payed it during the Jackie funeral and Ziva saying Goodbye to her father. does anyone know what Tony said to Ziva.


I liked the episode it was fun to watch. Danny and his nephew were funny I liked when his nephew sent the photo of Danny Chin got email was funny and everybody got who was on Danny's email. I also like when the guy throw away the can and he had and Eric took the can out was good. and Badger was funny. it was nice seeing Sang Min that was teaching with him and Kono at the end. am glad the boss won in the East coast where I am he looked more like a bad guy. I like the vote episode it be fun once a year. I also hope we see more of Danny's Nephew maybe like how they have Steve's sister Guest spots.

NCIS Promo: It's Payback Time

I can't wait to see it

NCIS Round Table: "Shabbat Shalom"

1. Describe this episode in one word (or two, or three, or four) Heartbreaking and Shocking.
2. Best episode of NCIS Season 10 so far?
yes it is so far this is why NCIS is still going strong in season 10.
3. Favorite quotes or scenes from "Shabbat Shalom"
Ziva realizing her father is dead and when she called for him and sat by him hugging him.
4. The twice-fatal conclusion: Did you see it coming?
not about Eli but not so much with Jackie I read a couple weeks a ago a follow fan said Jackie was going to die but I thought it was wrong but I was wrong it was her.
5. Does NCIS rely too heavily on character deaths?
no NCIS had worst Characters death with Kate, Jenny and Franks and this makes it more realistic.
6. Best acting performance of the night?
I say both Rocky Carroll and Cote de Pablo 7. Who do you think was behind the shooting?
am thinking to get Eli out like they say out with the old and in with the new. Hi Janet I wish we would of had Tony and Ziva TLC too

NCIS Review: The Steel Bonds of Blood

it was very good episode Cote and NCIS need an Emmy for this episode. I felt bad for Ziva sad when she was on the ground with him. and Vance I felt bad for him too and I wonder next week if they show him telling kids will be sad.


Cool idea

Psych Season 8: Confirmed!

I meant whoo hoo

Psych Season 8: Confirmed!

Woo hook. Glad love this show