Favourite scene - definitely Holmes' heart-to-heart with Gregson. Jonny Lee Miller blew me away in that scene. Awesome stuff.

Were you surprised that Gregson knew? Not really, but still it was beautifully done.

Have you ever been "Ambush Setup" on a blind date? No, my friends know me well enough to realize that they would not survive my revenge if they tried something like that.

As for Aaron - people don't share everything on a first date, but there is a difference between not sharing and lying. He lied. And stupidly. If he wanted to date her, didn't it cross his mind that she would've find out eventually anyway? I don't think we'll be seing him again. She's too smart for him.


I can't believe this... I loved Etta, she was not supposed to die, ever. God, I'm going to miss her so much.

I have no idea how this will affect Peter and Olivia, but it will be huge. Losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to a parent and they've lost her twice.

Broyles can be trusted, he's one of us. I would love to see September sometime before the war is over. I would also love a trip to the other side.

What's next? The reasons are more personal now, but the goal remains the same - save the world, kill the Observers.


Once again, great episode. Season 7 of "Dexter" is really freaking awesome.

Obviously Isaak will be back. Ray Stevenson was cast perfectly, he blows my mind. The scene in prison was amazing!

As for Hannah - I think Dex just wants her on his table. He didn't tell Deb, because there's nothing she can do about it. Hannah has immunity, police can't get her. And Deb just told Dexter that she doesn't want to know anything about his night job. I think suspecting he has some other motive would be reading too much into it at this point.

I love Deb, I love how she's dealing with everything, I love her talks with Dexter this season, I just totally love the two of them.


Favourite scene - Damon and Klaus teaming up. Two most bad ass vampires ever, together on a mission. That's all I need to be perfectly happy.

Did Tyler cheat? First of all, it was really great to see Phoebe Tonkin again. And second of all, could any guy resist her? In the name of girl solidarity - if he cheated, he's dead to me. In the name of being relistic - I wouldn't really blame him.

More shocking - Klaus saving Connor. What the hell is "The Five"?

Stefan's book - I think Matt pretty much nailed it. "Salva-BORE", LOL :D

As for Rebekah - wouldn't everybody be damaged after a thousand years with a family like hers?


Ok, I know I said that already, but this show is seriously cool.

I love Diggle and I'm so glad he knows the truth. He will be perfect as the right-hand man. I'm sure we'll soon learn more about his brother, who was clearly killed by Deadshot.

I'm not sure if Oliver really knew about Laurel and Tommy, that guy is pretty good in hiding his thoughts. But I really think we don't need this love triangle.

The IT girl scene was fun. I wonder if we'll see her on a regular basis. She's a perfect girl for Tommy, all problems solved.


Favourite scene - Holmes throwing a knife at Adam's immunity deal.

Adam = Balloon Man. Yeah, I was sure after they found the recording. But I have to say Johnny Simmons pulled off a pretty good Aaron Stampler-like character.

Better sounding board for Holmes - Watson obviously, but Angus was a nice touch.

Will we see Adam again? Not any time soon, but if the show lasts long enough... who knows?

My trick for staying awake - splashing cold water all over my face. It never fails me.


Season 6 so far - it's not completely down for me, but it's not up either at this point. Can uncle Jack come to town please? Then I'll be in.

Endgame predictions - Chair wedding will happen and that sweet mini-Chuck, as Leigh called him, will happen too. Derena will NOT happen, because it doesn't make sense anymore. If they go down that road, it will be so out of nowhere, I just hate the idea. Nate will end up happy, successful and Sage-free. Steven can stay, I don't mind him. Rufus, Lily and Bart don't interest me anymore. And Dan will see the light, otherwise I don't care what happens to him.


Favourite quote/scene - I don't really have one. I loved "GG" in the good old days, but it was a long time ago. I guess the most interesting scene this week was when Nate confronted Dan.

Dan going dark - Humphrey is a total asshole, that much is obvious. I'm officially done with him. When Nate said he wants to hit him, I was like: YES, DO IT!

Harder to believe - both. But I honestly can't believe B and S didn't see that coming. I mean, come on! And Sage needs to die. She's only taking precious screen time. Such a waste.

More uncomfortable couple - why Nate wants to be with Sage is beyond me, but Rufus and Ivy make me sick. Rufus is so ridiculously stupid, I can't even comment on that.

What will Blair and Chuck find? I don't care as long as they stop being ridiculous and just be together, because this whole thing is getting seriously boring.


Amazing episode. I agree that Speltzer made it extremely easy for Deb to make the first step towards accepting Dexter, but I don't think that Trinity of all people would make it harder. He might have been an exemplary citizen, but he killed Rita and was responsible for Lundy's death too. Trinity was way more personal than some sick guy killing strangers.

I love this show for not walking away from important issues, like Rita and Harrison. Deb is amazing. And it's great to see how much Dexter cares about their relationship.

Hannah is still creepy. She will end up on the table, I'm sure of it. Isaak works for me as a villain. I have no idea where this whole Russian mob thing will go from now, but it scares the shit out of me.


More heroic this week – Tyler all the way. He was the only one Connor knew about, so going up there he knew he would be taking the magic bullet for the team.

Who I miss the most? Seriously? How can you miss anyone more than Alaric?