Favourite scene - Damon and Elena talking in her room, holding hands. I knew from the start that he will have his brother's back and tell Elena about the cure. I love him so much. Plus, all the references to Alaric were beautiful and heartbreaking.

More surprising - I wouldn't call those things surprising. I would call them AWESOME.

Will you miss Chris? Oh, come on. The guy we've met 5 seconds ago? I feel bad for Tyler and Hayley, but that's it.

Elena splitting with Stefan - I really like what the writers did here, the break-up feels natural after she turned. She's different now and sometimes it's not possible to hold on to the past. Life goes on, things happen, people change. Something that was right once may not be right anymore. I'm just hoping Delena will get a real chance now.

Who should Stefan date next? As long as he moves on quickly, so we don't have to watch him pine and whine, I'm good with anyone he chooses.


Not my favourite episode, not even remotely close to my favourites. Still fun to watch though. I loved how Beckett was annoyed all the time, she's perfect.

Basically everything with Esposito and Ryan was awesome, I love those guys.


Favourite scene - the conversation between Damon and Stefan at the end. Especially the part when Damon told his little brother he's doing it for him and not Elena. THAT is what this show is about.

The return of the journals - I don't have anything against them, but writing down that I'm a vampire and that I just killed someone? Super smart move.

Should Stefan tell Elena about the cure? Well, not telling her worked out great so far...

Cooler cliffhanger - Jeremy's tattoo. After it spreads, it will look awesome on shirtless Jeremy.

Tyler's story - yes, I might buy it, but hiding Hayley's existence from Caroline wasn't very cool.

What do you remember best about your first kill? How easy it is to stick a knife in someone's body.


I knew that Oliver would never be so stupid to just let himself get caught on camera like that. Pretty risky plan though.

I feel like things between Oliver and Laurel are being handled very well. The scene when she asked him to show her the scars was really great. Aside from obvious feelings she has for the guy, she's also acting like a mature grown-up, unlike her jerk of a father. Man, that guy is so annoying.

Diggle is still pure awesomeness.


Favourite scene - "Oh my God! Alexis?!" LOL. Castle's reaction to his daughter was freaking hilarious :D

Perlmutter vs Parish - I love Lanie, but Perlmutter totally makes my day every time he shows up.

Favourite sci-fi movie - original "Star Wars", no contest. I've watched them like a trillion times.

Best sci-fi shout out in this episode - "Firefly" references were awesome. Nathan kicked ass in that series.

Sci-fi couple costumes for Castle and Beckett - Han Solo and Leia, obviously.


Favourite quote - Chuck: "Is that a lot of money?", Blair: "For normal people, yes", Chuck: "I mean for a horse" :)

Favourite scene/storyline - none really.

Would you hire Georgina as your agent? For what? I can be a bitch on my own, I don't need her for anything.

Bart's secret - I do not care. Kill this guy, send him to prison, shoot him into space, I really don't give a shit, but just FINISH THIS STUPID STORYLINE ALREADY.

Will the Derena sex tape see the light of day? Oh, definitely. Honestly, after S was stupid enough to leave her bag with G, she deserves it.

Least interesting character - at this point Ivy. What is up with Rufus? Is he on drugs or something?

Biggest surprise - Scott getting a mention. That was so random.


Wow, this is seriously dark. Peter going crazy was well done, powerful and intense scenes, but I hope we will get normal Peter back soon. Olivia will pull him back, I'm sure of it.

When the season started, it became obvious dark times are ahead, but I wasn't ready for something like this. Too depressing. Especially after Etta died, I loved that girl so much.

It's different than "Fringe" from just a year ago... I hope we will get a happy ending after all his.


Oh, come on! No no no no NO! What happened to "I will never make that mistake again", Dex? You let Trinity and Travis live for way too long and look how great that worked out. Or you know what? Forget about Trinity and Travis, this is worse. This is Lila all over again. What the hell? One psycho bitch experiment wasn't enough?

Another great episode and awesome season so far.


Favourite scene - the elevator scene with Jonny Lee Miller and David Costabile. Loved it.

As for Watson - it was nice to see her in her doctor's mode. I think being around Holmes will work miracles on her self-confidence.

As for the cases - yeah, they are pretty easy to figure out. But still enjoyable.

"It's better to be luck than good" - a little luck doesn't hurt, but I'm with Holmes. Only idiots rely on luck.


Favourite scene - Klaus, Rebekah and Stefan having a dinner party. Klaus acting like the best host ever when basically everyone hates him is beyond creepy.

Secret mission WITH KLAUS? Not a good idea. When did making a deal with that devil ever actually work? Never.

As for Rebekah - yeah, I've always felt sorry for her.

More surprising - the cure all the way. I hate it when vampire stories go down that road. When will the writers learn that vampirism is not supposed to be curable?

Delena at the frat party - I actually thought it was a pretty good idea. Frat party was the perfect cover and more importantly they were finally having fun! Stupid Bonnie...