Oh yeah, hello Helena. Nice introduction, that was awesome. I like her a lot and her chemistry with Oliver is really working for me. Probably because I really believed both of them when they said that being honest with someone felt good.

I like Tommy even more after the last two episodes. Diggle is still the man. Thea can be really sweet and a little annoying sometimes, but I like the fact that she has her own opinions and she's not just a filler of space.


WHY? Why do the writers hate Damon so much? Why can't they give him a real shot? He stayed in this cursed town to protect Elena, Stefan and everyone they care about, even though technically at the beginning of the Original storyline this whole thing WASN'T HIS PROBLEM. He could have left and lead a blissful life somewhere far away. And now, when he finally gets the girl, it's not real. And he has to live with the fact that he unconsciously made her do something she might not have done if it wasn't for some stupid supernatural freaky thing.

It's just another way to keep the triangle going and I HATE IT.


Honestly, I can't believe this is happening. The scene every Delena fan in the world has been waiting for was brilliantly RUINED. Just when I thought the writers were doing a good job with Elena and Stefan struggling to accept the new reality, they screw me over royally with the most annoying twist EVER.

One more thing - Caroline finally made me angry at her. I don't have a problem with the fact that she's on Stefan's side. He's her friend and I love her for that. And she has every right to hate Damon, I don't blame her, he's far from a saint. But how can the girl who loves Tyler (even though he was such an ass in the past), is friends with Stefan (even though he proved he can be just as big of a monster as Damon), forgave Alaric for killing her dad and somehow manages to be nice to the biggest evil monster in the world - how can Caroline of all people not give Damon some credit for all the good he's done?


Favourite quote - Chuck's comment on Bart misplacing his viagra.

More disturbing - Ivy and William. It was sick enough with Rufus, but this is a whole new level for me. When I saw her kissing William, I was like... Ok, I have to go vomit now.

Evidence on Bart - I agree with Christina. Bart is going down, one way or the other. I just wish it could happen already, because this entire situation is pissing me off.

No G and Spence clan - thumbs up.

Chair thing - oh, come on! Enough with this bullsh!t already!


I just have to say that Deb is absolutely awesome lately. Hannah may be sweet and all, but she can't hold a candle to Deb.

I get it that Hannah accepts every part of Dexter and it's great, really. Good for him. But I don't think Hannah understands him fully. She kills people who are inconvenient to her and not because she HAS to kill. At least that's what I gathered from what we've been told about her. How can he think she's some one of a kind miracle just because she doesn't condemn him? Lumen didn't have a problem with him, in fact she was even better, because she actually felt the same way he does.

R.I.P. Isaak... I really didn't want him to die yet... He was so awesome :(

The stuff with Quinn is getting boring. As for LaGuerta - I agree with Zxeo. What the hell is with her playing super cop all of a sudden?

The new thing with burned victims looks kind of cool though :)


Favourite scene - Beckett running to hug Castle with her hands still tied up. So cute :)

Who started the fight? I feel like there is no right answer to that question ;)

Most surprising moment - Leo all the way. Man, I did not expect that.

Are Rick and Kate too different to last? Are you kidding? They are PERFECT together.

Favourite line - Ryan: "Catholic school is like combat. If you haven't been there, then you don't know". Esposito: "I have been there... in combat" LOL :D


Favourite scene - last scene with Blair and Eleanor. That's the Blair we all want and love.

Blair's new line - it will be a hit. Everyone wanted to be Queen B.

Did I miss G? Not at all. I didn't even notice she was gone, that's how much I care about her.

Derena is back on - I'm fine with either way this ends, because I don't really care. But in my opinion, it came totally out of nowhere, given all the issues they have with each other. Also given how Dan is acting lately and how Serena was sooooo in love with Steven just five seconds ago. Doesn't seem real to me at all, sorry.

Favorite Ivy insult - vile little interloper.

Ivy's mysterious phone call - I'm with Courtney and Leigh, I would love to see William again.


I'm thankful for...
...TV Fanatic's staff (you guys are the most awesome people in the world)
...Jesse Pinkman and his magnets (yeah, bitch)
...Castle and Beckett (the best TV couple since Naley)
...guest stars on "Dexter" (they always know how to pick them)
...Nolan Ross' one-liners (because I just started watching "Revenge")
...and of course, most importantly, Damon Salvatore in general (because I love him)

Happy Thanksgiving from Poland!


Ray Stevenson totally rocks my world right now. The guy is amazing!

Between Dexter confronting Isaak and Deb confronting Dexter, I thought the episode was superb.

Hannah seems sweet and I totally get the connection between her and Dex, but I have a hard time trusting her. Somehow I'm still waiting for new secret to be revealed. Plus, I don't really see how this would work on the long run. Does Dex really think Hannah could be part of his family? Play mom for Harrison and sit with Deb at the same table during Thanksgiving dinner? Awkward... It's so not like him to not think about the consequences, I don't like it.


Professor Shane on the evil scale - it's hard to tell at this point, but that Silas stuff creeps me out, so I'll give him a solid 7.