Favourite scene - Team Gilbert was so freaking awesome! I loved every single second of Damon and Klaus quasi-bonding too. But my favourite moment was Damon punching Steffie. I was like, FINALLY! I am so sick of Stefan throwing the sire bond at Damon and Elena's face every two seconds. I swear, he mentions it like 50 times each episode. How old is he? GROW UP!

Favourite 80s movie - probably "Some kind of wonderful".

Damon's Revenge Sex Handbook - LOL, Matt :D

Stebekah - I'm so in. I agree with Miranda, Stefan needs to move on and be with someone other than Elena. Stelena is so done. The writers already screw us over once with last season's finale, they will not do that again.

Damon or Klaus - seriously? As much as I love Damon and all of his dick moves, Klaus is the king of dicks, nobody can come close to his level, not even Damon.


Seven: is Kol really THE ONLY ONE who thinks that waking some supernatural powerful immortal dude (who is probably in seriously vengeful mode by now) is the WORST IDEA EVER IN THE HISTORY OF BAD IDEAS?


Four: mean sarcastic Stefan is awesome. I still hate his guts for all the shit he's dumping on Damon and Elena, but he is so much more interesting this way. Anything is better than Stefan's hypocritical ass whining about all the ways Elena ripped his heart out. And Stebekah? Yeah, I'm all in for that. Btw, I can't wait for Caroline to find out and go all judgy on his ass.

Five: Bonnie is kind of scary. I looooove it.

Six: killing Kol... yeah, nothing can go wrong with THAT plan. At the beginning of the episode Elena was all at Damon's face about killing few random innocent vamps and now she wants to kill God knows how many of them. It's actually awesome, because that particular contrast shows perfectly how she'll stop at nothing to keep her brother safe and free Damon. Thank you for going there, show!


Two: I love Jeremy, but he needs to stop with those "Damon doesn't give a crap about me" comments. Damon just spend half the episode telling Jer to kill him. It's pretty clear to me that Damon would rather die than actually hurt Jeremy. So yeah, he cares. Deal with it.

Three: CAN SOMEONE GET SOME FUCKING VERVAIN HERE? I mean, seriously... Google it, people. It can't be that hard to find. I can cut the Salvatore brothers some slack, because they have a lot to deal with right now (although it's extremely stupid that they weren't more worried about what the Originals might compel them to do), but why the hell the humans don't do something about this? Liz? Mr. Mayor? ANYBODY?


Ok, I have a few thoughts.

One: I might be a little biased, but can Damon ever have 5 minutes of peace without anyone accusing him of anything, PLEASE? If I hear anyone say how bad idea it is to leave Damon in charge one more time (yes, I'm looking at you, Matt Donovan), I will seriously lose my shit. What pisses me off is that nobody seems to have a problem PUTTING Damon in charge and expecting him to get shit done every time. He's always everyone's emergency call. Jeremy and Matt seemed fine with Damon bossing them around before Klaus showed up (btw, the fact that Klaus showed up and turned all of those people in the bar totally WASN'T Damon's fault and if they really thought Damon would be able to convince Klaus to change his mind, they all need a serious reality check). As usual, Damon was just trying to make the best out of a shitty situation and I dare say he was right.


Race for the cure - Damon and Klaus are bad ass vamps and Jer is a bad ass hunter, so their team is definitely the coolest. But obviously Damon doesn't want to play for Klaus on the long run, so I'm sure he's working on a secret plan of his own. At least that's how "it depends on how much you trust me" sounded like. The chances are probably the best for Shane. He has Bonnie wrapped around his fingers and I have a feeling he's seriously manipulating everyone. Stefan and Rebekah look a little sad and hopeless against everyone else.


Favourite scene - THE PHONE CALL. It immediately became one of my favourite moments in the history of this show. The look on Damon's face, my dear God... Ian absolutely nailed it.

Plus I loved Deremy scene, when Damon commented on their relationship being complicated and Jeremy commented on Damon running out of voicemails to listen to. Those two are so fun to watch :)

Return of Rebekah - I agree with Steve. At first I thought it was gonna be lame, but it actually played out really cool. And Rebekah is always awesome.

More random - Bonnie's dad. But it's nice that Liz wasn't left alone and didn't end up as the last parent alive in town.

Delena in the cabin - well, if Damon really rethought the whole "no sex" approach, then I bet the house in on fire by now.


I'll be honest, Matt. I always love your reviews, but I think this is my new favourite one.

"Please, pretty, pretty please with sugar and Bonnie's magic salt on top - can we be done now?"

LOL. That's exactly what I thought too after watching Elena's confession to Stefan. I was like: Great! NOW can we be done with this shit?

Probably not, because the writers have decided to drag this out for as long as the sun will shine apparently...

And I totally agree with you on Jeremy's storyline - IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!


Favourite scene - couch scene, for sure. My heart broke into a hundred little pieces watching Sherlock cry. Amazing acting.

As for "M" - to me it was pretty obvious he wasn't the real Moriarty. But the fact that the hitman wasn't the one who actually killed Irene - that I did not see coming.

Jonny Lee Miller - I really have no words for this guy. It's not news that I love him like crazy, I think he's amazing in everything he does. But his Sherlock is just pure gold. And this episode was the best of the best. He blew me away...

Holmes and Watson - their dynamic is absolutely beautiful…

Watson lying -two thoughts. One: it was awesome. Two: I'm sure Holmes will figure it out fast.

As for Moriarty - I agree with Jim.


Favourite scene - Esposito: "Wow", Ryan: "Really?" LOL :D:D:D those guys totally make my day every single time.

Should Castle have let Meredith stay at the loft? He shouldn't have, but in all fairness it was probably impossible to say "no".

Was Meredith being honest? Yes, I think she told Kate the truth as she saw it.

Favourite guest star - Nancy Lee Grahn, no question. She was so freaking awesome!

Love/hate Meredith - I would probably hate her if she was here all the time. But seing her once every few years is really fun.