Hell, yes. This is the show I love more than anything else in the world. I agree with a lot of people here that the airport kill was way too easy, but other than that - the premiere was awesome.

Michael C. Hall is so amazing, he makes my heart go insane every time I see him.

It's scary how many things we have set up this season. We have that Russian mob thing, whatever the hell that is about, we have Louis the Creep, whatever the hell he wants, we have BHB case coming back, because the freaking slide had to be found by the only person who never believed Doakes was guilty... and on top of all that we have Deb... Wow, Dex has a lot to deal with this season.

The last scene is my new favourite scene. @Miranda, I totally agree with you - there definitely was a sign of relief on Dexter's face. Finally came the moment, when he did what he wanted to do as a kid. To tell Deb the truth.


As for the premiere itself - I loved it. The only complaint I have is that too much was going on. It took them five minutes to find Olivia, Walter was kidnapped, rescued and his brain got squashed, the Observers found out that Etta is part of the resistance, the plan fell apart before the first step was even made... it's just too much for one episode. There was very little time in between for actual character interaction.

Things that I loved: the whole Peter and Olivia being separated thing is obviously not ideal, but it's really interesting to see how much losing Etta affected them both. Plus, when Peter told Olivia that he couldn't stop looking for "the perfect little soul" they made - that was the most beautiful thing he ever said.

I also absolutely love Etta. It's so adorable when she calls Olivia and Peter mom and dad. She is the perfect combination of what I love the most about them. And that actress totally looks like she was made from Joshua Jackson's and Anna Torv's DNA.


Olivia's reveal - well, I guessed that she was in amber, because obviously there was no way she was dead and her being 20 years older than Peter for the rest of the season was eqally unlikely. But the fact that Markham bought her as a coffee table... yeah, I didn't expect THAT.

Will music heal Walter? I think it will definitely help him heal himself.

As for September, I just really hope he isn't dead. I would love to see him again.

Do you expect Agent Foster and Belly to turn up soon? I don't really care much about Belly, but Agent Foster? Hell, yes! Bring him on the team, we want him so much!

What are you most looking forward to in the next 12? The Bishop family being together, that is really all I care about. I also hope they will show us more of what happened the day the Observers took over. Because that looked awesome. I wouldn't mind a trip to the other side at some point. What's going on out there?


What can I say, I liked it. I understand why hardcore Sherlock Holmes fans may have a problem with this show, but here's the thing: it was never supposed to be an adaptation, so don't treat it like one. The way I see it, it's a show where two main characters are happened to be called Holmes and Watson. And it's cool.

I really enjoyed the pilot, I think Jonny Lee Miller is awesome as Holmes, just like I think he was awesome in everything else he did before. Even if this show sucked, I would still watch it, just for him. I also don't understand why so many people have a problem with Lucy Liu. She's fine by me.

I wasn't sure about the idea of Watson being a woman, but after watching this I think it was the right move. Sometimes for a chemistry to work in the long run, you need a man and a woman. I couldn't imagine having two guys here and no female power week after week for a whole year.


Does Gemma still have feelings for Clay? I'm totally with Christine on this one. I'm disappointed too and I don't care anymore. She should have take a swing at Clay and leave the poor girl alone. And I for one think that Nero is being way too nice to her.

Was killing off Opie the right move? My heart bleeds when I write this, but yes. He was a broken man and he chose his own way out. It was heartbreaking and beautiful. And it will drive Jax from now on. If there is one thing to be happy about, it's that Opie learned the truth from Jax before he died. He really deserved that.


Favourite scene - if you're asking for "favourite", I'm gonna say Jax calling Tara to let her know he's safe. You can really feel the love those two have for each other. But the most amazing scene was definitely Opie's death. Especially that quiet moment before the storm, with Opie in the box and Jax trapped behind the glass, up to Opie's last words: "I got this". That little moment when all of them (and all of us) knew what is going to happen. I think that was the most incredible scene in the history of this show.

Tara threatening Gemma - you go, girl! Maybe Tara is a little too harsh, but Gemma's need to control everybody is seriously pissing me off. Going to Wendy was so low. She manipulates her way through everything. She keeps doing that to Tara, Unser, even Jax. Being a bigger bitch is the only way to win with her and I'm cool with Tara in that role. Are you going to kill Gemma, doctor? "No. But my husband might". Snap! :)


Favourite scene - opening for sure. I loved how Castle made sure Kate is really on board. That man is just so sweet and adorable, and at the same time sexy as hell. The other favourite moment was when Beckett smacked the senator in the face. Awesome.

Should Rick and Kate keep their relationship a secret? For comedic value - yes. It will be hilarious, but only for a few episodes. They shouldn't drag the secret for too long.

Who will be the first to figure out they are together? Martha. That woman always knows what's going on.

Espo and Ryan - it will take some time. Esposito doesn't seem like a guy who forgives easily.

Kate's mother's murder storyline - it's great that we finally have a face to put behind all this. The writers left us in a good place now, because Kate found the missing piece and she got some kind of closure, but there is still room for more in that story. The senator definitely will be back at some point.


Favourite scene - obviously the scene with Jax and Nero. They talked, they bonded, it will be very interesting to watch that relationship grow. Plus that little chicken game was priceless. "I don't get out much" :D second favourite - Jax and Tara talking about their fairytale.

Will Jax and Tara last? Absolutely. She could walk away a million times, and yet she is still here. I love them so much.

Unser vs Roosevelt - I'm with Unser all the way.

Opie returning to SAMCRO - heroic AND stupid. I also don't think it's about SAMCRO at all. It's all about Jax, Opie just wants to be there for his best friend and I truly love him for that.

Seriously, how cool is Nero?!? The coolest guy ever. Like Matt wrote in his review, Nero really does seem too good to be true. But I hope he is exactly as good as he seems to be. Stay cool, Nero!


Gemma's rape maybe was more brutal in itself, but Tig's daughter burning was worse to watch for one simple reason: Tig was there. Hearing him beg for mercy and scream in agony made this scene almost impossible to bear.

Is Clay working some angle? Always.

Jax's journal - "92 miles an hour". I loved the opening monolog.


Favourite scene - Clay's confession at the table. It was great for two reasons. One: seing how the rest of SAMCRO will react to something like that. Two: seing how Jax will react. He knows that Clay is a constant threat now. Keeping Clay at the table is just as risky as it is necessary.

Pope is an elegant businessman, liked and respected in his community, but ruthless with his enemies. Perfect recipe for a great villain. But, like Chris, I'm more intrigued by August Marks.

As for Nero - well, he's all about love :) I really hope he'll be good for Jax...