I'm so freaking sad. Life will be so empty without "Dexter". I have mixed feelings about the ending. On one hand I'm really pissed that they killed Deb. Just when she gets to a place where she's dealing with what she did, who Dex is AND the fact that he wants to leave her for Hannah - she DIES. I mean... COME ON.

On the other hand, Dexter saying goodbye and taking her off life support was heartbreaking and perfect, best scene of the night. Sailing off to the storm and dumping her body into the ocean looked a little over-the-top dramatic, but it also made sense for Dexter. That's the way he is.

As for Dexter himself - I think I would have liked it better if he died. But if the writers' goal was to truly punish him, they chose a perfect way, with Deb dead and him ending up alone forever. It's just so freaking depressing :(


They have this cosmic thing going on. The show is trying to make it as obvious as possible that they care about each other more than anyone else, Lacey included. They are practically hammering us with all "The most important person in the world to me" speeches. All the little things make my heart go warm. Like how Danny looks at Jo first, it's always "Jo and Lacey", never "Lacey and Jo". When Lacey walked away he didn't even try to stop her all that hard, but when Jo walked away I could feel a bit of panic in him. Plus, with all those not-so-subtle hints about Danny protecting her, I would not be surprised if Tara's death was somehow about Jo. I don't know if it's done intentionally, but I feel like Danny would rather lose Lacey than lose Jo, even if he's not romantically interested in her.

And Jo? Well, that girl would drop everything and everyone for Danny. No matter who’s put next to him, she will always choose Danny. That’s why she's my kind of girl.


I guess I've just discovered Avan Jogia. Sweet baby Jesus, where did they find this guy? Calling him "hot" or "talented" is like saying the Earth is round. I look at Danny Desai and I'm thinking: that's what happens when danger, charm and charisma get together for a threesome.

Do we really need a love triangle in EVERY guilty pleasure teen drama ever made? I'm not a fan of Danny and Lacey together. There was no build-up, no nothing. I honestly don't see any connection between them (other than a physical one, which is easy to do when the guy is THAT gorgeous).

Literally EVERY other relationship is more interesting to me. Jo and Lacey, Danny and Karen, Karen and Tess, Danny and Rico, Jo and Kyle... Even Jo and Rico, the mother of all cliché's, is awesome. Danny and Lacey? Not on board.

The most interesting dynamic? Danny and Jo, no contest. As long as they remain in the soulmate territory, romantic or not, I'm good.


I can't believe it's almost the end. "Dexter" is at the top of my list of favourite shows of all time and I can't imagine my life without it at this point.

I'm loving this season. Vogel is a very interesting character, that woman creeps me out. It was a little weird that they wrapped up the brain surgeon story so quickly, but now we have Zach who seems a million times better.

Deb is absolutely amazing, Jennifer Carpenter kills every scene she's in.

Dex and Deb have the most incredible relationship I've ever seen on TV. They are both completely incapable to let each other go. It would make so much more sense for Deb to free herself from this toxic thing she's in and for Dex to keep everyone safer by staying away from Deb, but they both just can't do it.

I'm kind of hoping against all hope that Dex, Deb and Harrison will end up sailing off to the sunset... How tragic of me...

Oh, and btw, fingers crossed that Deb will be the one to kill Hannah.


Pam vs Eric - at that point I knew vampire concentration camp is officially AWESOME. Can we stay here for a while? Can they maybe NOT ruin this storyline? Pretty please?

Is this the end for Sookie? Hahaha, yeah, good one :) honestly, I’m just pissed that during one episode Sookie went from being a total badass with WARLOW, to being so easily overpowered by LAFAYETTE. I mean... were her hands cut off or something?

History lesson - so cool. Obviously Warlow couldn't be what everyone thought, because that never happened in the history of TV. There has to be an actual story for every big bad, if you don't want him to get boring after five minutes. I'm seriously hoping for a huge Warlow vs Billith showdown, so they better not screw this up either. And just so we’re clear on where I stand - fingers crossed that Warlow ends up killing Bill, I always hated the guy.

Alcide or Sam - I don’t really care about either, but Alcide just straight up pisses me off. Kill him, spare Sam.


Favourite scene - opening. That scene worked for me on so many levels. Sookie is at her best when she doesn't take shit from people. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in for some Sookie/Warlow love magic, but I want it to be challenging for him.

Which brings me to the other reason why it worked for me. Ben had to be somehow connected to Warlow, there was NO WAY it was a coincidence. Ben and Sookie connected right away and I was like: oh great, they are freaking soulmates, kill me. But now that Ben is officially Warlow - I'm totally on board.

At first I thought: dude, why go to all this trouble? You're the oldest scariest thing ever, just stake your claim and be done with it! But if he loves her and actually wants her to love him back... it all makes more sense now. When he started talking about how he spent gazillion years loving her, I was like: yep, I'm sold, I'm a sucker. Obviously the guy has no idea how irritating this girl can be sometimes, but I root for him.


Stefan is Silas' doppleganger – ...yeah... ... ...I mean... What the hell just happened?

Grade – so... I had a lot of issues with this season. Mainly: if I hear any of them say the words "sire bond", "emotions", "heightened" or "humanity" ever again, I might throw up.

Fortunately this season also had a lot of great moments. "Memorial" was top notch. "Stand by me" had me cry like I've never cried during a totally fictional tv show before. Not to mention, the chemistry between Damon and Elena is basically giving me orgasms and I still have dreams about Klaus' Christmas Massacre.

Overall – I give it a B.


Graduation gift for Caroline - LOL @Dan. I'm with you! Klaroline FTW.

Elena's choice – ok, did anyone seriously believe it could go the other way? Last season it didn't make any sense for Elena to go back to Stefan, NOW it would just be ridiculous. And Julie Plec probably got enough death threats last year to know that crushing Delena fandom AGAIN would be a bad idea.

It pissed me off that all these saints (especially Saint Stefan) kept shitting on Damon all the damn time, but after a while it just made me more and more sure that he's gonna get a huge payoff after all this. Literally every episode someone said to his face that Elena will go back to Steffie and every time I was more sure that she'll stay with Damon. No offence to Stelena fans, but it just doesn't make sense for them to be together anymore.


Favourite scene – "You got the girl, man", "I got the girl". Did you see the smiles on their faces?

Everything about Dalaric was super awesome (God, how I love these two together... I MISS YOU, RIC, COME BACK TO US). Delena made me scream with joy obviously (which was inconvenient, since I was watching the episode in the middle of the night). I'm sure the writers will throw some new shit on them as soon as the new season starts, but I'm so glad that the cliffhanger had nothing to do with them and they get to just be happy for a while.

As for the cure – I did not expect Katherine to be the one to get it. Right from the start I was sure that one of the main trio would get it. First I thought it would be Damon (and I would HATE that, btw), but for a while now I really really thought it's gonna be Stefan. Katherine I didn't even consider. So bravo, writers! You shocked me.


Oh. My. God. Ryan totally blew me away... Seriously, I'm dead.

He was always such a perfect nice guy. What the hell just happened? The jacket? The hoodie? That (super hot) voice? THE HAIRCUT? (Yeah, Courtney, I totally want to see him like that ALL THE TIME). Undercover Ryan is officially my new favourite thing that ever happened on this show.

I think I'm in love...