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Arrow Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Sara

This was one of the best Arrow episodes to date. There were a lot of good Arrow eps but this one was special. It had a special emotional touch to itself. We didn't got this kind of insight when Tommy or Moira died so it's special on so many levels. When the producer's said that this episode would be about Identity and it's so truth.
I was so taken away by Laurel,Felicity and Oliver. It was profound sincere. I mean the writing was on it's A game. Katie was really on point tonight, only the gun scene was a bit of a pushover but she was brilliant throughout the episode.
Emily nailed it as Felicity, she is such a adult person and I'm glad she isn't portrayed as a weak link can't wait for her own ep.

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Arrow Round Table: Who Shot Sara?

Great job!
I must say I was overrun by what all happened in this ep.From heaven to hell. I loved how cornered Ollie felt that the only way he could express himself is to kiss. We must look back, Oliver isn't an emotionally mature person, he is a trained killer can deal with his anger but he can't express his feelings, he never learned how. He wants for them to be perfect but he should understand that the imperfections keep a relationship from dying.
2.,Roy Palmer?
I enjoyed him. He was funny natural and provides Fel the opportunity to be something more than Team Arrow. An identity away from all this mess.
3.Sara is dead!
I really hoped they would take another road and break her spine and keep her as Laurel's mentor. Aside from it being an awful move it was perfect as well. It changed everything and I must say Bravo!!! Doing this against all the fanbase support Sara got.
4Who killed S?
It's not about who did the dirtz work, it's about who wanted it to happen. Got a feeling it was Malcolm.Sara came tto Starling to find intel on him for Ra and he killed her.
5.Next for TA?
I love the theme of the season Identity! And there will be a lot of soul searching, especially with all these character-centric eps coming up.

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Another great RT!
1.Fav scene or Quote
Elena telling the moment she fall in love with Damon, while he was playing with the necklace in 1994. It was really beautiful! 2. Enzo is back!
I liked his comeback till the moment he broke Ivy's neck! Honestly it was really well done, he was truth to himself everything was working. But come on Julie after 5 years aren't we pass the point to kill someone out of anger. Come up with some smarter solution.
3.Stefan bailing`?
I*m not not mad cause he bailed. I'm mad that he cut his friends of. That is a Di*k move. 4. Why May10th 1994.? I think it will be about Bonnie's Mom maybe banishing Mikael. Think that should've happened in that time span. Other than that it could be connected to the antimagic spell and the travelers. I just hate that Damon still has his fangs. 5.Elena's compulsion!
I don't think her compulsion will be taken away that easy, could be that later it will be about Damon making her fall in love again,
6.Who is with Bamon?
If you stop-watch the promo you'll see that in the burning supermarket is a man with Damon. I assume it could be the villain Kai, set to appear in the ep. And that he could be alive in both timelines. 7. Favorite 1994 song!
As a Serb I'll go with Ceca - Ja jos spavam

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It was a really good episode! I loved all the developments excluding Greer and her story. I got a feeling she will switch Castleroy for Narcisse.
The scene with the nurse was perfectly done! I as well first thought it the Nurse was telling Francis she was his mother but was astonished when she was channeling Henry. I like this to be more Francis subconscious playing with him cause don't forget he killed his father a couple of weeks ago.

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The Originals Round Table: "Rebirth"

1. Fav scene?
Cami coming to the Brothers house! Klaus lurking, Elijah playing it tough. It just worked. It was simple and honest and just made the story role!
2.Happy with the Guerrera's?
No not really! I mean dragging it out would be boring, cause let's be honest they have no chance against the fantastic trio. But they practically went down without a fight. I mean Francesca was such a smart Villain, last season and she deserved a better send off. They had no plan B, reckless and underpowered. They deserved better.
3.Love Triangle!
Actually none! I like emotions lingering between Cami and Klaus, and Cami sent Marcel away so that is over. If they push Hayley from Brother to brother I will quite the show. I mean seriously no hooking up there. Let them mourn!
4.Most intriguing storyline?
I mean this are The Originals so give me as much as you can, but again I fall so hard for Hayley that I'm interested how she is going to end this season. So let's see Hayley reign over her wolves!
5.Marcel and his army!
I don't give a Sh** about him. I really hope he'll die by season end. The only good thing about Marcel is that he keeps Josh around. No interest in Marcel.
6.Grade it!
I think it was a solid B+! They are still rushing from storyline to storyline and around mid-season, they'll be stuck in boredom again. I hope they proof me wrong and keep up a good pace.

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Good RT, can't wait for the one on the Arrow premier! ^_^ 1. Overall Impressions?
- The comparison to Arrow is necessary and it's a lot lighter. It has a more positive vibe. The message was much simpler and easier to relate to. Grant was born for this role, he is so likeable and gave so much soul to the character that him is reason enough to tune in next week again. 2. Starling to Central?
- Not important at all. The shows seem so different that I have no clue how they'll pull of the crossovers. And I hope they don't push it to much with the crossovers, I want the shows to exist on an individual level.
3. Favorite Scene?
- Hm tough one. There were so many single beautiful moments like, Cisco and Lady Gaga, Eddie Pretty face. But honestly the most memorable moment was Barry coming to Oliver for advice. I mean seriously!
4.Least interesting characters?
Currently Iris. It wasn't that she was bad, she was simplified. No edge, nothing! Except her wanting to be a cop. The other main cast members were solid, I love to hate Rick Cosnett so he is the perfect antagonist here, Danielle and Carlos were great and I already love them.
5. Who is Wells?
I'm really not a big comic geek, I'm like more of a Tv-cartoon-anime geek so I have no appropriate DC comparisons. I really hope he isn't a time traveler, that is a tough story and it's to soon for it to happen. Keep it on the minimum. I think he accidentally killed Barry's mom or is guilty of it. Keep it simple please.

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I still can't recover from the revelation! This was a huge slap, I knew something would happen to Sara, but didn't expect it to happen before the next episode. I still hoped Sara would be paralyzed or something so the Lance family wouldn't have to go through this again. Now the pictures from 3x03 with a beaten Laurel make a bit sense.
I wonder if Diggle will give his daughter the name Sara, would be wonderful. The episode overall was quite solid, a typical premier which set up the tone and story of season 3. Can't wait for next week!

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I was asking myself if you would write the Reviews for The Flash, and I'm glad you did Carissa. Great review.
It was a such an amazing Pilot. I watched it a while ago and again yesterday and I was swept off my feet how great it was. One of the best Pilots I watched this season.

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Michelle Fairley is what every sophomore year show needs. She is amazing! So colorful, so deep, great writing great portrayal!
The Tom, Rachel and Janine story was handled great. Their story is my favorite. It's just so emotional, weird and real. Let's see how it'll end.

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Gotham Round Table: Getting Catty

1.Favorite scene?
Jim and Barbara! I love their chemistry, first I go blind by how beautiful they are and 2nd, they just work really well together. They trust each other and that is something that is really really rare in Gotham.
2. "Selina Kyle"?
I was happy Selina got a line through the middle of the episode. She hadn't a line till the bus scene she was mute in the Pilot as well. I think it was more about these tidbits about her character. And at the end she made a lasting impression after that bus scene. 3.Kidnappers?
I was intriuged. I must say I wasn't expecting that at all. It was a solid set up, but primarily cause we got to see what a ravage place Gotham is. With the officer not protecting the crime scene cause of the restaurant he is looking after for cash. And dropping names is something they did really well here.
4. Favorite Villain?
None in particular. Oswald's mom seems quite the Loony! Could be a game changer. ;-) I just hope they get rid of Fish Mooney soon. Not a fan! Introduce a "normal" female Villain.
5. Harvey's reaction?
I'm really looking forward to it. But I would never expect for Harvey to do something impulsive, he'll play it cool and let Jim dig his own grave.