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@kandi1212 Love Ur Tinkerbell idea. Why not make her evil as well? I mean Pan was prepared for their attack and looking at it now Pan set them up by moving his camp and so they've needed Tinker's help.

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Revenge Review: Loose Ends

I loved the Charlotte-Emilly moment. I know Charlotte would easy up but she is still my number 1 suspect for the role of the shoter.
Lydia coming back was an intense reminder of how well done season 1 was. But her and Conrad were just ridicioulus. I think she is just the plot device for someone to discover Em'S secret and shot her (charlotte in my mind).
Sarah and Grayson Jr worked well together and it was the first time I was interested in daniel since him and Em's broke up in S1. But no scene in the world can make me care for Aiden. He snubish arrogant ways never suited a strong girl as Emily, but the proposal scene was well executed.
The not attending scene was a real game changer but they need to fill up the episode with something.

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It was an solid episode. I loved the flashbacks.and the overall development and pace.
The Medusa story was interesting, I love the Charmings chemistry in the forest as well.
Mr. Gold's line about them all being family was nice. But I was happy the dream shade storyline was over. The Emma-Charming talk was nice, they finally started on screen bounding.
The Tinker-Hook moment was interesting, and Emma's reaction was worth the awkwardness. That is the biggest plot issue with me. Why there wasn't shown any Hook-Tinker back story. When did they meet? Why aren't Tinker and Pan BFF's? Etc, etc.
Jared as Pan was a nice change, his voice strangely/suddenly changed, he hadn't that much lines in S3 but this was an extreme change. But him chosing the right potion to send off Regina to sleep was just to easy and I really hope there is a Blue Fairy connection and it wasn't random as it seems .
Robbie Kay is the most adorable thing ever. I'm greateful he played the emotional scenes and not J.Gilmore. I just love him and want him to stay on the cast.
The Midseason final seems to be really great, even though we know none of the main characters will get hurt.

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I loved this episode, it had everything a finale needed.
1.fav scene: Hayley and Elijah on the balcon. It was so Romeo and Julia, so intense, so intimate, so adorable.
2.Klami sexual tension? I don’t see it as sexual tension more like a need to hug someone. And they really want to hug each other. Sexual tension 4, hug tension 9.
3.Halijah sexual tension? I think they would destroy 10 bed in one night. Honestly so good. I honestly would never see it coming. I thought Elijah would go to Sophie, but that will probably happen later on.
4. Becca? I really hope they give her just a bit of happiness in the next few episodes. I just imagine her be happy with Stefan, cause she would deserve someone great as him. I hope they’ll cast someone soon or let her jump Tyler’s bones.
5. davina? hmm I think she will die next time we see her. Sophie will go all bitchy/witch on the town cause she doesn’t have to fear Marcel anymore, she is an Elder. It will be nasty.
6.Klaus bloodline. I’m hoping for some awesome flashbacks to introduce Klaus bio dad. This is really what we need. It would be nice to see a Klaus look a like be all normal and human. Interact with becca and Elijah.

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Reign Review: I Capture the Castle

An other great episode. Adelaide is a big revelation!!! I just love every scene with her. She is so captivating and strong in every scene. I just watched her in Teen Wolf and she wasn't even near this. The writers here are exploring her a lot more.
I love every inch of screen Mary's girls are getting. They are really solid in their performanceses.
The mistress seemed quite gaga in her intentions, and how couln't love Bash after him being so honorable.And quite kicka*s.
Catherine was shining strongly. She plays a high level game, love how strong she was proven. Olivia was really stupid, honestly I'm not surprised, glad she's gone.
Where will this episode leave the Mary vs Catherine?

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First off I wasn't into the episode but as it progressed I got more and more into it.
Damon and Enzo were quite the team, I like damon had his own Lexie and that the only way to leave him was turning off his emotions. I'm not that into that Augustin thingy but it easily develops to be an interesting story. BTW Enzo seems like a guy who could sweep Elena of her feet after she dumps demon for slaughtering the Whitmores(and could elena be more naive, to not predict Wess will attack her)
And honestly this is the first time I get demon for killing all the Whitemore's, he was perversly tortured for 5 years and he messed with the wrong bitch.
Stefan, Kat and Caro were the better half of the episode. I loved how intimate Kat an Stefan was, how she exactly knew how to push his buttons. It will be interesting to see how Caroline will work through that.
And were the hell are Bonnie and Jeremy. They were really great last week,and I was looking forward to see how she'll cope with everything. But I believe around ep 15 they'll remember her.

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I think we shouldn't forget Roger could stop time as well. I believe that was the major clue of the episode.
Overall I'm not that thrilled with this ep. It was good but they are really forcing it. With Cara showing her powers, John getting caught. everything. The Originals are pacing fast but they are holding it up with good stories and development.

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The Originals Sneak Peek: Girl Power

I believe Sophie will cut davina's throath by the end of this episode and the witches will gain some power back, of course the ep after this will be about Klaus and Marcel trying to stop the Harvest.

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Awkward Review: Back to Basics

look at spoilersguide. :)

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I love this show, it is so well written. Julie and the others are loving to go this dark.
I loved Hayley's line. She was so sassy, so perfect, her Vd self was awfully negging but she is so sensual so strong just love her.
But where was Tyler? I almost missed him?
Elijah and Becca. I loved them bonding.
Marcel and Klaus worked solid together.There lines and interaction was nicely done.
davina and josh worked well together. They have a nice bound.
But how powerful was the Original's scene. And I knew they would enroll Klaus werewolf line but not this soon.
Cami was acting great as always, I really digged her going mad. Why do I feel Cami will go Vamp by season end? And when will Sophie appear and go super witch?

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