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Arrow Round Table: "Heir to the Demon"

Amazing Rt once again, I wa waiting for it the whole weekend. I just loved the whole episode.
1.Who is Felicity? I like your guess Carissa. My guess in her comic connection is that either is she Oracle's daughter or the daughter of Harley Quinn. It was suggested her mother is either overprotective of crazy.
2.Mayoral race? I really don't care about it. I believe election day will be season finale so things will go crazy. I think Oliver will finally get some more intense and honest interaction with Moira which will push things far along. I'm more interested in Thea's development, she desperaetly needs it. I think Slade could drag her along to the dark side to get to Oliver.
3Sara is home! And it seem she will date Oliver for real. I don't know where they want to finish her. I started to dig Caity but I really don't think she will keep singing this song for long. Her inner demons keep biting her in the ass. Will she hunt down women in need and help them?
4:Laurel! I really hope she starts punching Sara cause deserves IT major time, I want forgiver this Oliver hook up . I want to get that sisterly bonding but I want to feel real and well developt. Her reaction was beautifuly executed, hope Katie gets more of thee scene.
5:What I want in S02? A huge Slade-Oliver break down the built up towards it is great. Roy and Thea to get some individual development and I'm certainly ready to meet Felicity's parents.

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1.Fav scene /quote: Kathlena talking to Nadia about saving Jeremy. Nina is really trumping herself with the newest doppelganger version.
2.Can daemon be redeemed!? In my eyes no. But the writers will have to put on a big deal about it.
3. Reconcile? Elena and her bad boy. I need Stefan & Caro free to hook up with each other. BTW I agree with Leigha Elena could hook up with a non Salvatore, aka Enzo.
4.Better Elena!? Katherine is the funnier version for sure. But I need my adorable Elean cry baby back.
5. Last Season 5 wiSh! We need a Steroline kiss at least or hook up. But my guess is the Travlers are cooking up a Vampire cure and that damon will get his redemption this way.

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Once Upon a Time: Casting for Glinda

my guess/wish is Sara Canning. I really think she would fit the OUAT world well, but I think she recently got a new role.

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That is pretty much a big tease & Kat is the one leaning into the kiss. Yeah Stefan isn't pulling away either but I think he won't go there especially after the the speach he gave in this episode.

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This wasn't the best episode of Vd, but it had it's charm and interesting development. I agree the recycling is a part of Vd but this is a complete turn over.
Stefan doesn't want Elena at least not for her. This is more over brotherly love, wanting for each other to be happy. and if Elena comesback to Stefan it will be later on cause they have eternity for that matter.
I loved Liv's interaction with Bonnie, Bonnie would be a good mentor she had her fair share of magical issues. I believe Liv will be the sister of the new gay character who will be Caro's new Bff.
Sloan and Wes teaming up was the biggest surprise of the day, with her being a Travler put things on a new level.

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Reign Review: Clarissa Explained

Best Reign episode to date. I just loved every part of the episode except one thing. Why did they exale Francis!??? I mean it's to easy for Mary and Bash to bound while he is absent. I mean I know he is coming back in the next episode but this was to easy. Every Kudo for to Megan for this not amazing I mean extraordinary episode. I was thrilled with every scenes she was in. I really can't wait for Amy Brenneman to appear as Mary's mother. March th can't come soon enough.

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Arrow Review: The Canary Is Free

Love your Review Carissa. I agree with all you said.
The wide range of potential they have with Felicity and Laurel is unbelievable. They can become every character in the comic world. One of my first Ideas is for Fel's mom to be Barbara aka Oracle, and Fel eventually take her position or her mother being crazy Harley Quinn.
Laurel stunned me with her performance. She could also become Oracle but I see it more believable her become Canary with Slade acting on his revenge against Sara aswell. I still stick with my theory of Sara getting paralyzed and educate Laurel into Canary mode.
I wanted Moira to make the right move, honestly I dId but she let me as well down.
My favorite Arrow ep to date( okay it ties with the Scientist) had just one flaw Oli sleeping with Sara. Oliver is smarter than that, it's not the time or place. But Arrow likes it messy.

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I was surprised when you rated the ep ith full 5 stars, like come on "Really??" I don't know somewhere I just got lost. I wouldn't say it was a bad episode there were parts I extremly liked the Stilles/Mom storyline, Scott and Kira, Ali&Isaac, but that Kitsune reveal was just to big and compressed somehow that it left me flat ohh just that. It felt like " We need to twist the story more cause Kira wasn't enough!" I like the show more when it's focus on their relationships like last week.

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I was overall not happy with this instalment. Usually I love shows with a fast pacing and plenty reveals, but this overall felt over crowded a bit forced. I felt like someone was forcingng information into my head, had to rewatch some scenes twice. dylan is playing a tremendous stiles and I look forward to the show give him more space.

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Arrow Round Table: "Tremors"

But Sara in her comeback asked if Slade was alive, so I assume she disappears before their blow out. And I think they'll finish the Slade Island chapter by season 2 end.

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