Is it for sure that this episode was the last for J.R ? Or will he appear again in the next episode ? Lary Jagman was a wonderful wonderful actor, and I will really miss J.R.


1. I loved when Bailey talked to Owen "some of my punches land low"

2. It could have been tub in any case I'm really disappointed by the way Cahill is leaving the show, we still don't know exactly why she stopped being a surgeon and what was the problem with Richard. No closure, I hate it.

3. The Harpery Foundation was a brilliant idea but choosing Jackson as the boss is the worst ever. He can't handle that kind of things.

4. Richard Webber, he's been there the longest and invests everything he has in this hospital.

5. I actually think they'll be happy ! The doctors are way better than Pegasus, so why do you all think they are going to be mad ?!? It's the best that could have happened !


Courtney I think you're confused with episode 9x15... right here we discuss 9x16 !


1. Survivors in the van and also at MerDer's house when Arizona explained she didn't want to spend all the settlement money and Callie was suggesting even more sources of money to use lol

2. I think they did coz there was no other solution. Will they ever practice medicine again ?

3. Owen's gonna be mad for a while but once he hears the truth, he'll come back to Cristina.

4. Unfortunately Matthew will break up with April and she will run back to Jackson even though they are bad for each other and her story with the paramedic was better !

5. Something MORE ! Can they just go there already ?


Derel : "Can you tell me whose damn panties are on my poster ? This is a hospital, serious work happens here !"


1. Really liked the E.R case and all scenes with Callie/Richard (so funny !)

2. They were crazy (but it's classic Grey's) and it was the right thing to do, they are doctors after all.

3. Alex !!! Actually I can picture Bailey as well ha ha.

4. Paramedic of course ! April can't treat Jackson right and Matthew seems right for her !

5. They should go for it, Jo doens't seem crazy even though she's had a tough childhood, she will be able to understand him and I think they have a very sane and cute relationship, Alex deserves love, can they go there already ?


1. Loved Bailey's lines and the teenager gymnast scenes, she was so mean it was so good !

2. I didn't care much but it was enjoyable. I loved PR Derek though.

3. I actually really loved both cases but I loved Lexi DiBenedetto's acting so I'll go with the teen gymnast !

4. The show often focuses TOO MUCH on relationships so I'm glad it's back to medecine, but on the other hand, maybe it was too little on the relationships. I'd like to see some Calzona spark (only ones who haven't had sex this season !)

5. This was Izzie all over again, it's deja vu ! I think that she was originally planned to be to the one who would go but maybe it's gonna be Heather, considering the actress might leave the show. I'd like to see more of Heather though, we've seen everybody else !


Shonda said that survivors money all together wouldn't be enough to buy the hospital... but I still think they're gonna participate though. They can't be rich otherwise there is no show, and it's indeed blood money.

I'm relieved there probably won't be any death this year. But I'll believe it when I see it.


I know her as Stella from HIMYM and can't wait to see her on Grey's !


1. I have no real favorite scenes but I enjoyed the last Calzona scene and definitely Yang's scenes who made me laugh a lot in this episode !

2. Question, is the clinic still in place ? Can anyone tell me ? I'd cut that first if it still exists. I hope she's not gonna fire anybody, she seems to be on Richard's back already.

3. I like Jo but I wanna know more about Heather actually.

4. Bailey was right to say it cause there is no miracle solution to this money issue, but I didn't expect that line all of a sudden, it was really awkward !

5. The paramedic, she can't treat Jackson right anyway and i'm sick of seeing their pathetic love relationship.