Exacles... I loved the Neverland story line and the show in general. This is one of the shows where the story line make sense. Haters gonna hate but this was a brilliant episode... Cant wait for next week...


I agree with the kids part... Its those photos all over again... They think they are so smart and I can't believe that the Kings would use that again. They got so much flack for it the first time!
I wish Grace and Zack would just leave, They are irritating and idiotic. Grrr! Somehow I don't think Will was the one who gave the reporter the video. I mean thats what everyone thinks and it would be easy to assume that but I think it was someone else. Maybe thats the shocking moment? It wouldn't make sense for Will to do it because in the end he could get implicated in it.

Reign Review: Two Princes

Im glad Clarissa is dead. She was a freak who killed people.
Next to die should be Catherine. I know that might not happen but I love her when she's defeated. Most entertaining.
Nostradamus should also die soon. I hope Henry kills him. Or they Kill each other. That would be epic. Henry should die before Bash is legitimized so Francis becomes King. That would be dramatic and amazing...

Grey's Anatomy Review: Listen to Your Heart

Quite frankly Leah is the one behind this whole lawsuit crap and she is just a total and complete idiot mess.
Five minutes ago she was shagging Alex and being all clingy, then during a night of drunkeness she becomes gay and in love with Arizone? I don't buy it. Shonda should just get rid of her, Shane and Steph. I was getting used to Steph esp after her run in with Catherine but if she is going to listen to that bag of crap Leah then she deserves to just die. Avery didn't force her to have sex with her. She wanted it too. What he did was wrong but I'm sorry they were not a couple.

Arrow Review: The Canary Is Free

I liked the episode in general, it was an amazing way to introduce Ra's Al Ghul to us and I am happy for that.
Laurel and Felicity irritate me.
Even if Felicity doesn't trust Moira, I get that. Its understandable. What right doe she have to go snooping and find out things that do not concern her. Thea is Malcolm's daughter, but knowing that, telling Oliver only makes things worse. Its true Thea will find out but it will only make things worse for someone who does not deserve any more pain. All Felicity did was make more people get hurt so she doesn't have to feel guilty about keeping to herself what she found out. Also Laurel should just die now. She's clearly given up on life so she should just die. Her alcoholism is boring and stupid. Katie Cassidy is beneath this role.

Modern Family Review: Spies Like Us

I cant believe your review did not talk about the most important part of the episode! Hayley's photography was AMAZING and definitely deserved a mention! Hello!!!!!
I was always worried that they made her too dumb but she is insanely talented. I think those pics were maybe taken by Sarah Hyland herself...
I love Modern Family. Its the best ensemble comedy about family... Love it.

Criminal Minds Review: Escape from the Abyss

I liked this episode but it felt to short. They should have extended the episode a bit. Give more time to the reunion at the end. JJ was great. AJ Cook is brilliant. Seeing Prentiss was also quite good. Hotch and her have come a long way. I hope that we get to see Prentiss again. I love her....

Criminal Minds Review: Escape from the Abyss

She was only in Afghanistan for short intervals. When she was in DC she was there from 9-5.

The Tomorrow People Review: Mommy Dearest

I loved this episode because we got a lot of development and I am glad they are using the actress that plays Marla more.She is amazing and now that they have given us more of her, its great.
I still don't get what Ultra is about but I am getting the feeling that they are not there to protect the humans, I think the Founder has other goals in mind. He truly is a monster and I seriously hope that they can kill him by seasons end.
I hope we get another season because The Tomorrow People has found its pace now. Its a great show and I hope it can last. The one thing I don't get and they have to deal with it in the next episode is the fact that Marla has been berating Stephen for lying and everything that happened to him before he learned of his powers yet she had powers and knew that it was very likely her sons had powers.


Seriously, Reese needs to get over himself... He is just so irritating! The Machine tried to warn Finch, it did come late but that is only because Simmons acted quickly!
Frankly Carter should have asked Finch and Reese for their help instead of freezing them out.
The Machine was created to protect people, its the US government's fault, people like Vigilance and that other British organisation that that is causing it to act in unpredictable ways. I would rather trust the machine than trust these other idiots. I like Root, sure she might be a means to an end but she's cool in a creepy way that I like. Amy Acker is AMAZING!
I seriously hope Nolan doesn't turn the machine Evil and gets Reese back to where he should be. Its annoying really this whole brooding crap.

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