Lindsay Lohan to Undergo Anger Management

Oh my God,what happend to her? How does she look?
I'm Sorry.

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 150

Matt: So,what are you gonna do next?
Elena: I'm gonna burn this house done,and Jeremy's body,and Jeremy's Xbox.
Matt; Wow,slow down!
You can burn whatever you want,but you can't burn Xbox360!!

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 149

Vaughn: F..k the cure! F..k all of them! Let's play my game now!
Damon: Uh, Excuse me,what?
"10 minutes later"
Damon: Look,man,I'm not gay,I don't wanna play this game anymore. Just give me my pants back and let me go,o.k.?
Rebekah: What the f..k is going on here?!?


Hey,Kitty, Where are you? I know you love this girl!

Chicago Fire Review: Family for Favors

Pouch is such a good actor!
Uh,I'm sorry,Is mom okey!? I don't think soo!


Great episode! I,m sorry for Ernie.
"Disappoint anyone, disappoit everyone,but don't ever disappoit yourself!" Nice advice!
That dog will stay!!!
Love this show!


Troian Bellisario is so great! Love this girl!

Dallas Review: Love Is For Pussies

I like this show!
Pamela and John? Hm,it's gonna be interesting.
I don't believe Elena loves truly.

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 146

Jeremy: It's really sad,Alaric is not here anymore, I miss him. I'm sure he would shut your f..king mouth up every time you open it,my sister!So, may be I can do this work for him?
Elena: Wow,wow,hold the f..k up! Give me atleast a few minutes!

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 146

Jeremy is reading:"Could you stick me into Damon's butt,please? I'm cold!" Here, that's much better.
Elena: Okay,Jeremy,this is a war!