Yay :)

I'm glad to see the Waldorf women teaming up once again.


I actually enjoy the addition of Sage, she's doing what Serena and Blair did as teenagers. It's kind of like pay back for all the shit Blair and Serena pulled. Serena playing step mommy after all she put everyone through is hilarious.

Still dont know why Sage's dating Nate, that relationship seems a bit unnecessary. It lacks substance or believability, sort of like Nate, although he's mighty fine to look at.

Poor Nate. Dan burned him good. But he should have known, Dan has teamed up with Georgina. Although, Nate never could smell a scheme. He dated Blair Waldorf for several years and still doesn't get it.

Also, poor Nelly Yuki. Even though she's a big shot, she still can't get the nerd she was pining for.


I think they made Dan's decent into darkness convincing, he's been at it with Chuck since the first season and that weird, rapey scene with Jenny. It's no surprise that after losing to Chuck once again, he's snapping. I'm also understanding why he's so angry at his father. Rufus, what are you doing? Banging Ivy was creepy enough but actually being in a relationship with her? It turns the stomach.

Blair finally has something interesting to do. I don't know how believable it is that Blair now runs the ENTIRE Waldorf design company at 21 but at least it takes her back to her fashion roots and her mother issues.

Also, I thought her and Chuck were sweet. I do enjoy them together. Although Chuck's storyline is poorly written, I did enjoy the scene with the body guard. It was well acted.


The testimony of Kathryn was so well done tonight. Beautiful performance.

A great episode all around, can't wait for the next one.


I think it's hilarious that Angelo may have this kid on the way, he gets awarded a shit ton of money and now he has to fork over child support. Karma will get you every time. So what, he punched out one creepy boyfriend, when has he been there for Daphne or even Bay otherwise?

Poor Daphne, that Jeff is a major jerk, even if he felt bad in the end. Not only did he cost her a job she loved but he had no intention of even being a relationship with her. Its tough learning things the hard way.


Renting a billboard would solve all their problems. Bay can still work but it's her father's property so it wouldn't be illegal. At the end of the day, laws are laws and even with the Kennish influence if they catch Bay enough times, she will be in serious trouble. The juvenile court won't be moved by her need to express herself.

I've been saying for months, Regina needs to make more of an effort to bond with Bay. I know she doesnt want to overstep in regards to Kathryn and John's authority as parents and she should by no means have sided with Bay, but a real conversation wouldn't hurt. I think Regina is so terrified of losing Daphne that she's afraid to get to know Bay. It's interesting watching Regina, the normally composed one, start to lose her confidence. The re-appearance of Angelo and the loss of her career/ability to sign has put her on edge.



I've loved Alan Cumming for years and I was completely captivated by Eli since his first appearance with the dish washer. The scenes between Eli and Alicia are hilarious and beautifully executed by Alan and Julianna every time.I'm glad those two still get screen time.

Also, the 27th floor stole the show tonight. It really drove it home that this firm is in fact struggling, some say that the "economy" storyline is getting old, I disagree. It's a current world problem that's not going away in three episodes, I'm glad the writer's aren't dropping it. Diane was on fire tonight!


Alicia didn't break up with Will to stand by Peter, she broke up with Will because they were both in danger of losing their jobs. T.V land makes us think that fraternization between management and employees is accepted when actually in most firms, it's grounds for termination.

Alicia cherishes her job, it goes her kids and then her work. She loved Will but her place at the firm meant too much to her. Even if she didn't get fired, she would still lose the respect of her peers.

Alicia and Peter went through a lot of years together. Alicia has respect for Peter as a State's Attorney and he's the father of her children. But clearly, the hurt is still there and she's taking her time to heal. If that's even her intention. Yes, they're friendly but no, I wouldn't say that Alicia is "standing" by Peter in a traditional sense. She doesn't even live with him! She's making a tough situation work in amicable way, she's taking the high road but by no means is she allowing anyone to speak for her anymore. I respect her for that. (even though she's fictional)


I think delaying an entire production over one word is ridiculous.

Yah, it sucks that he said it, it's not appropriate in any way but it's simply giving in to a spoiled tirade.

Pierce is racist, Chevy knew that from the pilot, he agreed to it.
Chevy has been playing himself in movies and on tv so long that he forgets about character work. He takes what Pierce says as an extension of his own voice. It's not, its acting.

It's not the actor's job to critique the writing, not unless he's also apart of the writing staff. He doesn't like it, he can look for a way to get out of the contract.

He may have used the word to make a point but its an argument he needed to have privately with the producers, instead of inconveniencing all the hard working cast and crew of that show and offending the very group of people he meant to defend. Cooler heads prevail Chevy.


Daphne isn't a virgin? That did come as a surprise to me because I thought there was a scene where her and Wilkie were talking about going too far physically, or I may just be remembering wrong. Regardless, it does make sense for her character, she doesn't seem intimidated by sex.

I really felt bad for Kathryn, all these mothers knew instinctively that they didn't have the right daughters but she didn't. I actually felt a lot of sympathy for her in the episode. I kind of feel that Kathryn has so much love that she loved the baby that was placed in her arm to the point where she didn't pick up anything.