I have to agree with what a lot of people are saying...

Blair, pick someone. I'm tired of all these love triangles. The original Nate and Chuck one made sense. Nate was her long time boyfriend while Chuck was an unexpected passion. Then Blair dated Marcus to get back at Chuck for hurting her, there was no contest there, it was about revenge. Same with Carter. Going back to Nate made no sense to me the time but at least they explained that Blair always wanted to to prom with him. The picture perfect evening. Now its messed up


I get that she has to come back for the Ivy/Charlie storyline but Im not happy about it


I agree...

Blair looks a bit like a bag lady...


Well, Serena is a kind of dumb in this case. She hasn't been with Dan for years, sees that he's spending all this time with her best friend, including writing a book about being in love with her, then she decides this would be the perfect time to confess her love for him? Serena, you don't own Dan.

Although, I missed the old Derena days...Back when Gossip Girl had coherent writing. Once upon a time they were cute together and I actually felt bad for them when they broke up at the end of season 1, got back together and then broke up in Dark Night because they realized they kept having the same problems. It all went to hell after that though


Oh let me guess, she finally reads Dan's book and understands that Dan was in love with her all along and then she must go to him.



The first pic is ok, the second one must be a weird take or something because no one stands that far apart when they are going to kiss. Dan/Penn looks way too awkward, Leighton's kind of doing all the work there...

This a weird scene...Why are they outside, in the middle of the day while wearing formal evening wear? But if its a dream, then why wear a coat? Ugh, doesn't make sense...

I wonder if this is the producers trying to mess with us...Like season 2 with the Nate/Blair photos.

What I don't like about Blair is that she's always between two guys. If you're going to date Dan, don't lead Chuck on and vice versa. She's been doing this since season 1. It bugs me.


I dont think the writer is sick...He just doesn't want to show his face...


That preview was less about the episode and more about us liking the people that work on GG...They're actually proud of this steaming pile of crap they call a storyline...? You know when the Big Man Upstairs is brought in as a plot device and that STILL doesn't work, you're screwed. Jesus may have "saved" Georgina but his dad sure any doing any favors for the show time around.

No offense Dair fans but this sounds like Chair ending to me...
They basically implied that we all knew they'd end up together but we just dont know how yet.

Personally, Im not on either side but I don't see Dan and Blair getting together.

Im just hoping for some coherent writing...The States doesn't grant divorces without consent? I'm Canadian so I have no idea but that seems weird with 51 states all having different rules on marriage that there isn't one that won't give Blair a divorce. Instead she has to go to the Dominican Republic or some such thing?



We spell good in Canadaland.


Thank you Dr. Holland.

I agree completely!

The fans wars are silly. They were almost this bad when there was Blair and Nate and Blair and Chuck.

I've been whining for years about Blair making up her freaking mind or being a single, powerful woman.

I've been lucky enough to find my soulmate, it ain't always easy but my feelings have been consisted. Clearly, the same can not be said of Blair.