to be a father and now, he's avoiding it. As Don pointed out, he's got everything but still isn't happy. Great acting moment when he's in the whorehouse and the girl is trying to please him, what dark humor! I love it.

As for Don, the biggest problem isn't that he's happy or that he's not cheating, it's the fact that he seems flawless now. You can't go from being mostly vice, to being pure. You can't go back that far. If you want to cut out the women, throw in the smoking. Give us something that reminds us of Don, not the washed over character whose completely transformed. Give him a work project! Something Don-like!


I loved this episode, just like I loved Mystery Date. I was worried that this season was going to be a disappointment, frankly I was let down by the premier. But these last two episodes have been excellent. The fight was great but I enjoyed Lane's despair more, he's clearly new to the Ad business and despite being obnoxious, Pete has a point. Lane is not an accounts man, he shouldn't try. You know what they say about mixing friends with business.

On that note, Megan is irritating me too. I loved when she was at the Campbells and blathering away about how she got into advertising when Pete just gives her this look. He's knows that she didn't work for a damn thing.

I have the same reaction to Pete as most viewers. He's like a big child, he can't handle the life he's clawed his way into. The saddest moment for me was when he looks at his daughter and says, "I take no responsibility for her". Its meant as a joke but clearly there's more underneath that. He didn't really want to be a father and now, he's avoiding it. As Don pointed out, he's got everything but still isn't happy. Great acting moment when he's in the whorehouse and the girl is trying to please him, what dark humor! I love it.


What is with that picture? I've seen it twice now? Does Elizabeth insist on having it with her on set?


Whoa, that's awful. GG's style has slowly been improving but that color washes her out.


Nate and Serena are the reason you should never hire your high school friends. But Nate running a newspaper in the first place is just silly. College and internships, that's the next step for this UES kids.

Why the Hell are they all over Manhattan? Why can Chuck suddenly run a multi billion enterprise when he's simply a spoiled playboy? He may have picked some things up from his daddy but there's no way he'd know EVERYTHING off the bat. Why is Blair married? Why is Serena bouncing from high profile job to high profile job, fucking up every single one of them along the way? Don't these people talk to each other? Whose on her resume that didn't fire her?


This is just ridiculous. I'm willing to suspend my belief for a couple of things because it is a tv show but come on! None of this remotely comprehensible!


Oh GG writers, what have you done?

Blair and Dan can only have sex when they're drunk? That's terrible. What a message to send out to young people. Drunk sex is mostly regrettable. I get that it makes you lose your inhibitions but also, you get sloppy. Especially the guys. Also, it encourages teens to go after more drunken sex, that was something they never needed encouragement.

I understand that some couples have a rough time initially with sex and they work to resolve it, fine. But to solve that solely with alcohol? Meh. They can redeem this if they have Dan and Blair actually enjoy themselves while remembering it in the morning.


The Ivy storyline is ridiculous. End of subject.

Serena as GG? I may be intrigued... Lets have S dig into the dark side they always talk about but NEVER show. Not really anyways.


Honestly, I want to like Megan more than I do. Her character is just poorly planned. We never saw her developed.


They need to add depth to Megan's character. Right now she's too static, so of course we suspect her of foul motives. This is Mad Men.

I felt so bad for Roger. He looked crushed. Pete, is growing more and more greedy for power. Before, he had some redeemable qualities but now we're seeing the ugly side of ambition. He made me feel sorry Roger Sterling, that takes a lot.

I loved the Peggy and Micheal interaction. It was a reminder that Peggy was still judged for being a woman. Also that men could get away with being eccentric but Peggy would never had made it if she'd acted the same way. I like Micheal a lot. He's NOT what I expected when they talked about a new hire.


I think the reason we all suspect Megan as being evil is because she's so cheerful all the time. We're used to Don and Betty, we first saw them when they'd been married a long time. I'm sure as newly weds they were happy. I wish they'd do an episode where we get to see Don reflect back on the happier days with Betty, the beginning of their family.

I think Megan is extremely out of place. We all saw her struggle at that dinner. Betty would have aced that, it came with years and years of training.

I don't Megan knew how to react to Don's news about Betty. I think she was trying to be positive and it ended up sounding callous. Also, I think she wants a family. This may become a struggle between the new Drapers.


Poor Bay. She fought so hard for Emmett and now it looks like that's coming to an end. She went up against his intimidating mother and eventually won her over. She talked to Cameron like a mature adult about her concerns for Emmett's safety. She stayed out of signing a statement like Melody was pressuring her to do, because Emmett asked her to. She learned sign language and put up with Emmett's anger towards hearing people. She told Ty that she was seeing someone else, even though that was really hard to do and you could tell Ty was hurt. (YES I know that actor isn't coming back.)

All that and Emmett sleeps with her trampy ex best friend. Poor, poor Bay :(