I hope to gods that Aiden is dead.

Of course knowing this show and its tendencies to glorify Aiden for no reason(“oh Aiden sacrificed so much trying to control your life, Emily, you should only tell him the truth~”), the damn Gary Stu most likely escaped after being shot in the heart and then performed a heart-surgery on himself to save himself.


MINDBLOWING. But i dont understand what a city blackout has to do with anything? Or im just kind of lost? Someone explain please? lol

It has been explained over last half the season.

Its because of Nolan's virus, Carrion, which they handed over to Initiative. Falcon most likely made it so that transferring funds would trigger it.


Last week everyone said Aiden would die...but I knew better...he has to stay around to protect Emily

Well I am sorry but Ems does not NEED any protection.

If anything, everyone else should get protection from Ems.

And implying that there HAS to be a man to protect her is just...disgustingly sexist. But then gain everything about Aiden's plotline this season has been disgustingly sexist.


I hope it is Aiden that dies in the finale because you actually expect me to believe that he could have taken out Takeda all by himself. When Emily finds out then I hoped she gives him a nice good beat down.

The best outcome would be on if Emily killed Aiden herself, since it not only would get rid us of Mr.MarySue , but also would push Ems into more dangerous and exciting depths of revenge.

When I start liking Jack storyline he had to go to Victoria as a stupid idiot.
Actually I thought it was quite clever. Jack did pretty much similar thing that Ems did - play two Graysons against each other.


Gary Stu Aiden Mathews - ruining interesting plots one at the time.

Anyone else rooted for Takeda and was disappointed Aiden did NOT die? Well, congrats show for killing off a perfectly interesting villain in order to keep having a plot distraction alive.

And not mentioning the obviously possessive behavior towards Emily, which led towards taking away at least half her awesomeness and badassery, he is trying to keep Emily from her Revenge a.k.a THE MAIN interesting part of the show?Thank you but no thank you.

The only way for Revenge to return to its former glory is for Aiden to die.

I sure hope that Emily will make him pay for this betrayal.


Regina makes me said. This flashback confirmed that it only takes someone to love her back to make her actually want redemption FOR redemption. Sadly Snow and Regina, despite being pretty much identical people, have far different views of morality to give that to each other. I am guessing it will take Regina loosing power and Snow going evil(which I guess will be season finale cliffhanger) for them to start understanding each other and actually rebuilding their family.


Defiance premiere was some of the BEST stuff syfy has ever done since Caprica. That's pretty much all I can say, apart from the fact that it has a very clear farscape vibe.

While start dragged on a bit, the middle part was very well written to the point that when when the giant ass battle at the end of pilot episode starts, all you can think is “HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME”.


I don't get this "argument", really. Quite a few fans argue this way - that someone somewhere confirmed it wasn't a normal taser. I DON'T CARE if a writer announced this on Twitter. IT HAS TO MAKE SENSE WITHIN THE STORY and for this episode it just didn't!!

The very fact that "Taser" worked on a wooden creature and killed a magical creature already points on it NOT being just a taser.


Will David's plan to return to the Enchanted Forest fix things for Snow?

David is honorable and action-y but he is also very naive. he is grasping at the illusion that "going back" will solve all their problems and they will live happily ever after in the castle, but that's not the case.

The opposing point of views between Snow and Charming have been foreshadowed through entirety of this season and with Snow going off the rails, she'll have a whole lot more to say about that.


Also don't really see the reason for a pll spin off anyway. *