Well, this was BRILLIANT. Easily the best episode of this show yet.

- They are clearly building up to the SHIELD we see in Winter Soldier trailer - Coulson's fantasies about it(or is it programming? Considering "Trust The System" phrase he kept repeating) most likely will keep falling apart. Till we get a firefly situation of group of Rogue Agents dealing with weird stuff in the world and trying to solve mysteries about themselves
- I am 100% convinced that Skye is Jessica Drew now. Missing parents, involvement with badguys for some time, working in SHIELD, etc. That's pretty much the only thing that makes sense and I am excited for this plotline. Mainly because if she is Jessica Drew - she can be either hero or a villain or both in this case.
- I LOVE the team-building that has been going on this episode. Pretty much every character got their comfort zones challenged.

- The end was just chilling. Clark Greg is REALLY good at playing a conflicted and lost version of Coulson - his face during the phone call was VERY telling. Also he HIMSELF caught on onto the "Its a magical place" and how weird that phrase is. Very poetic and whedonesque karma in the fact that the man who enjoyed telling others how stuff is classified, gets painfully denied info on HIMSELF in exact same fashion.

All around brilliant episode.


She is grieving and suffering from cptsd from all constant kidnapping.

Its no less contrived than angst Oliver went through in S1.


I am sorry, but there's NO INDICATION AT ALL that Laurel should be hated.

Any sort of hate for her in her current storyline stems either from one's own sexism or one's own shipper bias.


There's only one way to describe this episode - contrived fluff cheesefest.

This episode had great action sequence. That's about the only positive in it.

Otherwise, Laurel continues to be neglected by the writers and this episode confirmed that bringing back Sarah from the death serves absolutely no purpose at all, as she is made into a plot device in the past and a mary sue in the present and leaves without affecting anything.

The show yet again failed to move forward, yet again showcased that making Sarah into fake-Canary was absolutely pointless and yet again failed to give meaning or great plotline to Laurel, even the measly "addiction plotline" barely got any attention. What should have been a PIVOTAL storyline for Laurel (I MEAN HER SISTER IS IN TOWN?! THE CHARACTER THAT DROVE HER MOTIVATION FOR WHOLE SEASON ONE?! AND SHE DOES NOT EVEN BECOME AWARE OF IT?!), was turned into cheap action flick

Sarah Lance turned into one huge plot device, both in the past and in the present storyline. At least her past storyline makes her relatable, but her present storyline makes her border on mary sue - oh wow, how great she is at everything and how suddenly everything centers aroung her!~ Not. I still can't seem to see ANY real substantial reason on why she is back - she came and left without affecting ANYTHING in the show, except managing to steal the role and the awesome scenes Laurel should have when she gets into her Canary storyline. Also BOOHOO Oliver's harem of sexism grows - another female pining after him.

Its sad to see show falter so much. The production values are easily best out of all cw shows and the fight choreography is great, but the show struggles to develop any character not named Oliver Queen, especially failing at developing female characters.

S1 finale was such a great thing and its depressing to see this show falter.


"she wouldn't die because its way to soon to kill off a main character"

Not in the Whedon show.

In Angel The Series, first lead character bit the dust within first 7 episodes.


I find it borderline hilarious that the best episode of this show has most likely lowest review rating here. Oh well


Maybe it was my memories for Angel The Series and what happened to Amy Acker's character there, but this episode was incredibly tense for me and I feared for Simmons life since the very start when the body fell down(I was like "Uh oh that's not good").

And then the serum on rats did not work and my heart sank. And then it was revealed that it did work and yet she still jumped because she did not know and oh gods.

Also I LOVE THE FACT That while they are still dealing with Coulson mystery of his death and physical ramifications of it, Whedon family does not forget the PSYCHOLOGICAL ramifications - I mean, even if nothing was truly weird about his survival(hint: it is weird), the man died. He was dead. That leaves a scar on your mentality and far too many shows (*cough*tvd*cough*) seem to ignore the fact that even if person "gets better" from being dead, that does not always apply to his/her mental state.

This has to have been the most emotionally taxing episode of this show yet.

Also this show is REALLY lucky to have caught the actress who plays Simmons. She really shone this week as did C.Greg's Coulson.


not to mention the fact that its still almost consistently third highest show of the night every week.


This sounds a bit sensationalist, tbh, considering the live+7 ratings have remained steady implying that same amount of people catch the show, just at different times.


Agreed. Aiden will betray emily, everyone will think Ems is dead, only for her to return after hiatus with fresh dose of revenge.


Also considering how much OUAT "borrows" from Fables and what Regina And Rumple seem to be cooking up to deal with Pan, could it be that they will deal with Peter Pan in the exact same way Fables dealt with Adversary? Especially considering that The Adversary was originally planned to be Peter Pan.