Also this episode truly showed the difference between a broken-down person who lost everything(Regina) and someone truly evil and malevolent(Cora).

For Regina, her magic, her "Evil Queen" persona was a wall she would use to defend herself, to protect her broken heart.

For Cora - its who she is and always will be. She can masquerade as noble knight or a poor powerless woman and no one would guess a thing.


Well this was certainly a weaker episode than last week. Great, but certainly weaker.

I guess Cora's a villain now too and the show is setting up the last showdown between the mother and the daughter this way.

Also I bet Snow's little secret will come back to bite her somehow when Charming finds out why exactly his mother died. And the person to break the truth is right here in storybrooke - all George has to say is that he cursed Snow to never have children and Charming most likely will put two and two together.


I would love for the WHM to know how he was being filmed, by what object, and by whom. This is like Superman/Clark Kent. How does he know and nobody else?

1. He found a hidden camera by nolan in his home.
2. He was implied(after confrontation with Emily) to have noticed the camera in Conrad's office and winked at it, towards Emily.
3. he clearly got interested in that seashell before leaving victoria's hideout.


This was seriously amongst THE BEST Mentalist episodes ever aired so far.

Perfect , angsty and sad exploration of Patrick Jane and what the loss of his family means to him. There's something horribly depressing at watching him imagine/hallucinate the daughter whose life was taken from him. And at the same time the show manages to present it quite comically.

Seriously depressing episode and easily amongst the best.


Oh double standards, how I love thee, I guess this was worse than half of Gossip Girl kitsch then, I take it?

Anyway, for me it was pretty much perfect episode for purely the reason that Emily for once did not exactly get what she wants - her plans were turned around and she did not achieve a rift between Victoria and Charlotte. I doubt she will stop trying though.

the only small annoyance in the episode was that Emily had to be saved from white-haired man. I would rather preferred her to defend herself, but I guess writers for some reason want to keep her free from murdering someone. Oh well, and that still is not enough for this brilliant episode to go down to 3.5, because brilliant episode was brilliant.


They all abused power because they could.

And Regina, someone who was abused and controlled her entire life suddenly had the power to break free from that, to do whatever she wants...and that kind of temptation, magic or not, is what Rumple banked on.

Its not about right.
Its not about wrong.
Its about power.

Gods, I can't wait to see where this journey takes Regina.


And I do not think that its just magic addiction or stuff like that. Its about power. We have seen magicians and kings abuse their power in this show(and I have no doubt that its a huge influence from Jane Espenson who had similar ideas in Buffy).

As the saying goes absolute power corrupts absolutely and the prospect of having "magic" - shaping the world to your liking is what is addictive. But in a way its no different from Gold's wealth and influence in S1, August's "freedom" in "real world" or King George's reign in FTL flashbacks.


The whole episode is exactly that - exploration of from where Regina came and where she is going. In some ways of course it parallels Rumple's own journey of redemption, although Regina seems to try to put way more effort into it right now.

What can I say, yet another great episode that put tears in my eyes and the show continues to be amongst the best that there can be.


PERFECT episode.

Oh, Regina, my heart breaks for you.

Here we have a character, who was pushed around her entire life in desperation, having lost pretty much everything she cared about(which pretty much looked the same as what Snow was doing in "Heart of Darkness") and here she is trying to change, to be the old her for her son and, for the first time since long, she is actually opening up to all those emotions, not putting up those walls or "Evil Queen" persona as a psychological defenses.

And after all theses years, she is finally trying to escape what her mother did to her.And its beautiful and makes her character thousand times more fascinating and relatable.


Anyway, what I DO love is that Grimm continues to carry a right message of women being able to defend themselves and being capable and resourceful. Kudos for the rapist dying a gruesome death too. In the times when half the shows on tv have meek weak type of female characters who are not allowed by writers to do anything, but look pretty, the approach that Grimm uses for their female characters is refreshing and welcome.