BRILLIANT episode. So many new questions, so many great scenes.

I am beginning to think that Vince and Dave will turn out to be some sort of antagonistic figures - they seemed more amused than frightened by Tommy's torture and its the second time Vince mentioned killing(the first time was in S1 finale when he confronted Nathan's real father and he was scared shitless).

Also the last Vince's line about "Everything being the way it's supposed to be" was hell of a creepy one.


Also its hilarious that Claire cosplayed Buffy, considering Eric Balfour was in Buffy's pilot two-parter episode.


Although I now fear that these memories will start to influence who Audrey is -we already saw Lucy Ripley “influencing” Audrey Parker’s personality in S2, just because of few small memories and now she basically is getting a ton of info in her brain. Does it happen to her in every cycle? She starts remembering and goes off the rails? Would explain why the newspaper brothers biggest fear was “Sarah”.

Also Claire and Audrey chemistry still continues. Seriously, I could watch an entire episode made of them just talking to each other in an empty room. SO. MUCH. CHEMISTRY.

Also really getting pissed at the irrational hate Jordan is getting from the fangirlsa all over the net. She is awesome and tragic character and does not deserve the sexist backslash that the fandom is giving her and generally the whole pairing feels genuine and beautiful(that is if Nathan is not being his usual Season-three-jerk self).


Well this was amongst the best Haven episodes ever.

I love how DIFFERENT Lucy Ripley feels from Audrey Parker, everything starting from the looks, the way she walks and stands, down to the different pronunciation and speech patterns. fascinating. I am guessing “Sarah” will be different from both Lucy and Audrey too.

Gods, Emily Rose is brilliant actress, Lucy and Audrey LITERALLY feel like entirely different people.


Very unfair review.

- I love that it was a genuine ghost story. No contemporary rationalization, no wessen ability. Just a complete unknown which makes the idea even more chilling and made the ending to it even more freaky. Its easily amongst one of the most chilling storylines this show has ever done and the portrayal of La Ljorona was just as creepy and chilling as the myth itself(which is easily, imo, amongst the most horror-inducing ideas in terms of folklore)

- I LOVE that we are seeing more good wessen in the show.

- Juliette's inclusion to the storyline felt very genuine and nice, hopefully we will get more of that and its nice to see her sort of falling in love with Nick again, despite not remembering him.


I'm not sure if Oliver really knew about Laurel and Tommy, that guy is pretty good in hiding his thoughts. But I really think we don't need this love triangle.
We saw him spy on them in the end of first episode, so yeah, he knew.


And Arrow continues to be THE ONLY show worth watching on CW.

Another BRILLIANT episode.

First of all - FUCK YES for Laurel kicking ass. Makes me think that her best friend will get killed somewhere along the way, leading her to go down the path her comic-book self went.

A Capable and badass female characters is pretty much unseen sight in channel like CW, so its more than welcome.

Also LOVE that the show is not dragging out people finding out who Arrow is - the characters are portrayed as perceptive and capable and I would not be surprised if someone else (Laurel? Merlin? Oliver's sister?) would figure it out before the season ends.


Great episode.

Eh Rumple, you are honest-er than before and at least you ARE showing some regret now, but its still because of consequences, not because of concept, like Regina. You still have a long way to go, but its nice to see you for the first time, actually willing to do that.

Hook is obviously a revenge-driven type of character. There's a certain sense of parallels with Rumple taking Hook's love and Regina taking Emma's and I would not be surprised on if Hook would become Emma's love interest, which would create lots of delicious conflict for both Emma and Hook in terms of their allegiances.

As of promo, could it be that Whale is Dr.Frankenstein? If so thats....VERY neat and in kind of a different flavor than previous backstories.


And behind the scenes:

Plec: YESSS, yesss, fiiiiiiiight my minions, fiiiight amongst your selves, lest you notice all the gaping plotholes and awful writing quality that has been going on. fight about ships so I can cover up my writing mistakes, how should I bait the shippers again. Quick! I have to think or fandom will start talking about the inconsistencies in plotlines and Elena's mary-sueness!


I think he has a bit of his other grandmother in him. So once is borrowing from other stories that are not truely fairy tails.
that was already established in Hat Trick

Everything that "our world" contains as fiction, exists somewhere. The doors in the hat hints to various non-fairytale lands like Neverland, Oz, etc.

Mulan is also not a fairytale character(since she is fictional historical figure of china, sort of chinese Arthur)