Brilliant episode. While many of S2 episodes before were so-and-so and varied in quality, this was RETURN TO FORM for the show.

Love that they will be exploring more on what Snow is capable of. We have seen it in Heart of Darkness and overall in bits in S1, but this will finally be fleshed out.

My guess is that Snow will end up killing a wrong person, thus going off even bigger deep end.


Well. This show just became the only damn thing worth watching on CW.

Top-notch quality television and the episode that would triumph thousands of best season finale episodes that aired.


"Fuck YEAH" for Arrow. The Show seriously deserves it.

"Just let it die" for Supernatural. that show should have been done after S5 tops. It has been past its prime all the way back then and it all got worse and worse.

"Uhhhh why is this still on" for TVD. No explanation needed. This show is an insult to human intelligence.


A fucking AWESOME episode.

Now THAT'S how you do villains, CW.

Seth Gabel's Count was incredibly psychotic and entertaining and now, thanks to Oliver, he will be EVEN MORE psychotic and creepy next time, which is awesome(also it explains on why Amnell called Count the first Arrow's villain that is of his own making, since Oliver ended up making him even more crazy and dangerous).

Can't wait till he will be back.

On other hand, Oliver finally learned about his Mother. Can't wait to see where the List storyline goes...and the island...UGHHHH, this show has SO MANY great storylines.


How did Hook know about the line anyway?

Smee was in on the plan to send her over the line earlier on, remember?

Hook's vengeance made him seem clueless to the factor that he helped make Rumple's anger.
THat actually flows nicely - revenge is a machine that keeps on going, so to say - for Hook to have a target, he has to view rumple as evil, for Rumple to be evil, he has to do evil things, so the only way Hook can fulfill his thirst for vengeance is if Rumple remains the heartless man he was.

When Hook knew not only where to find the blanket that Rumpelstiltskin prized, but arranged a diversion in order to steal it--well, that's when the plot jumped the shark for me. I give up.
good. You don't have enough attention to comprehend the show anyway, since both of those were explained in show (Hook SAW Rumple show Belle the cloth and he knew of Belle's importance since previous flashback of his)


Bored, you know Rumple deserve to be hurt.


Just NOT through the perfection that is Belle.
And NOT as soon as he did a couple of genuinely good, redeemable decisions(sparing smee and hook).

NO one hurts Belle, no matter the reason.


Bored, do not hate on Hook.
Sorry, but anyone hurting Rumple or(AND) Belle is instantly hard to like for me :(

I hope that there's a hell of a redemption plot for Hook written latter on to justify this.

Emma having to eat crow and admit that she was wrong was brilliant. Now she should just go and make up with her wife before Regina blows up the whole town or something.

I actually liked Charmings this episode - mainly because Snow and Charming started to face REAL problems relationships would face. THat intrigues me.


NOnonononononononono NOOO. YOU DO NOT do that to my Belle :[
Especially after she spent the whole episode being so perfect and AWESOME :[

Uhh, Hook, why oh why do you make me so easy to hate you :[


YOu've got to be kidding me. Is it april first yet?

One Plec-Run trainwreck soap opera is enough, no need for it to multiply and clog even more tv screentime that could be spent on far better shows.


I do think Nick put two and two together on Renard being a royal:

- He knows you need royal's kiss to awaken Juliette and now he sees Renard and Juliette have this whole thing.
- Adalind implied that the Royal is someone close by.
- Nick had more than few situations of suspicious stuff happening in the police itself.
- Nick is a cop.

Its not hard to put two and two together and figure out that Renard is who he is.